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4MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Cam. Motorized Varifocal 2.7-12mm Lens (115°–48°). 131 Feet LED. POE Capable. IVS+iMD, F...

Discontinued Item
8MP IP Indoor/ Outodoor Full-size Vandal Dome (Black). Varifocal  2.7 - 12mm  lens (110° - 45°). 131 Feet Smar...
Discontinued Item, USE IPFX-D80V-IRB3
12MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Full Size Bullet. Varifocal 2.7-12mm Motorized Lens (103° - 44°). 196 Feet Smart IR. PoE + Capabl...
Discontinued Item

5MP IP Full Size PTZ. 30X Optical Zoom. 656 Feet Smart IR. Hi-PoE Capable. Ai (Advanced Intelligence) On-Board Analyt...

Discontinued Item
2MP IP Full Size Anti-Corrosion PTZ 30X Optical Zoom POE+ Basic IVS with Auto Object Tracking (Wall Mount Included)
Discontinued Item

4MP IP AI series Indoor/Outdoor Mid Size Bullet. 2.8mm Fixed Lens (113° AOV). 66 Feet Smart White Light LED. POE Capa...

Discontinued Item
4MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Small Size Eyeball Dome. Fixed 2.8mm Lens (113°). 131 Feet Illumination distance. POE Capable. AI ...
Discontinued Item
3MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Full Size Vandal Dome 2.8-12mm Motorized Lens (87 - 31 AOV) 150 ft Smart IR POE+ AI
Discontinued Item
4MP AI IP PTZ, 32x zoom (4.9 mm–156 mm), Starlight, 492feet IR distance, Human/ Vehicle Recognition with Perimeter Prote...
Discontinued Item, USE IPFX-P4032X-IRW2
4MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Full Size Vandal Dome Varifocal 2.7-12mm Motorized Lens (114 - 47 AOV) 131 ft Smart IR POE AI
Discontinued Item
4MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Full Size Vandal Dome. Varifocal 2.7-13.5mm Motorized Lens (106° - 31°). 164 Feet Smart IR. PoE Ca...
Discontinued Item
2MP IP Indoor/Outdoor Full Size Anti-Corrosion Vandal Dome 4.1-16.4mm Motorized Lens (92-32 AOV) 164 ft Smart IR POE AI
Discontinued Item