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With our new THIP-P4078FM-IR, IC Realtime has broken the thermal hybrid cost barrier with a next-generation indoor & outdoor thermal camera that won't price you out of thermal hybrid visible/thermal technology. IC Realtime has combined police-level thermal camera performance with a cutting-edge 4MP Quad HD visible light camera to create a Pan Tilt Thermal (PTT) hybrid camera. THIP-P4078FM-IR now brings professional-grade Thermal Hybrid video technology within reach of business & educational users. 
PRO-LEVEL 4MP COLOR+POLICE LEVEL THERMAL TECH We have all seen video footage of a color-highlighted suspect that thinks he is hiding in a wooded area, but in reality, is clearly visible to a circling police helicopter's thermal camera. Remarkable technology, but the complexity and cost of first-generation thermal cameras once limited them to the military and police agencies. But not anymore. BOTH VIDEO SKILLS IN ONE CAMERA Forget the outdated tech used in older thermal systems. IC Realtime's P4078FM contains both a 4MP SmartIR Nightvision pro-level visible light security camera mounted side-by-side with a high-performance Thermal Imager, inside a single spherical IP66 metal pan-tilt “cam ball” case. Both camera technologies in one - the best of both worlds - are now available at a cost-effective price point. The thermal camera sensor captures video images regardless of dust, fog, smoke, or concealing foliage, while the 4MP Quad HD video camera features programmable tripwire/ intrusion detection with intelligent human / vehicle recognition and SmartIR night vision of 160+ feet in complete darkness. THIP-P4078FM-IR even features alarm contacts & audio in/out jacks right on the camera pigtail for full & convenient security performance. Display & recording of both visible light & thermal video is easy. P4078FM can be set to display a real-time thermal image as a Picture-In-Picture window inside the visible light image. 
As a thermal imager, IC Realtime's P4078FM has utility far beyond routine video security monitoring. The P4078FM thermal side features multiple custom high & low temp and fire alert setting levels & coverage zones for effective fire & thermal management. Imagine using the P4078FM in a food distribution center’s walk-in coolers. Or in an equipment room to monitor server racks, motorized equipment & document storage area conditions. Or in a greenhouse to sense and record thermal parameters. This kind of thermal surveillance means the P4078FM is as capable of monitoring rooftop cooling towers as it is of monitoring a basement network rack room or watching temperature conditions in a remote dairy or horse barn. Regional condition limits can be set to trigger alerts and alarms that can trigger snapshots, start video recording, and issue email & text alerts. There are two external alarm trigger leads on the camera's pigtail to interface with external alarm systems. 
Although the P4078FM's thermal imaging & alert skills are the camera's "headline" features, the visible light camera is just as advanced. P4078FM's advanced video chipset delivers 4MP QuadHD low-light color video down to 0.05 lux that auto switches to SmartIR night vision in complete darkness out to well over 100 feet. P4078FM also enables advanced audio event alerts that will issue both a local audio warning on its built-in speaker and send remote phone alerts, and you can upload your own audio alert files. The same speaker supplies 2-way talk capability with RCA audio in/out jacks next to the 2/1 alarm I/O leads on the camera pigtail for easy integration with intercom & gate/entry panels. 
The THIP-P4078FM-IR is a compact surveillance powerhouse that offers a super-capable Pan Tilt Thermal solution where a single installation thermal & visible sensor combo is desired for security observation, storage/process or equipment monitoring while detecting intruders, fire hazards, or temperature abnormalities. As either a visible light pan/tilt security camera or a thermal imaging security device, IC Realtime's THIP-P4078FM-IR would be an outstanding best choice for surveillance use. As a combination unit with both capabilities in one camera, the P4078FM represents the most advanced & cost-effective full-spectrum pan/tilt surveillance solution on the planet. IN STOCK & AVAILABLE NOW Our cost-effective hybrid video & thermal camera THIP-P4078FM-IR is now available & shipping daily from both east & west coast warehouses. Call your local IC Realtime distributor, or call your IC Realtime factory rep toll-free at (866) 997-9009. A factory product specialist will do a no-obligation, live online demo to show you the P4078FM, and answer all your questions.

*Note: Being a multi-channel camera, this device is not recommended to be plugged into an IC Realtime NVR built-in POE switch.

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