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Warm up & brighten any room where Orbit lives when the intercam is wearing SKIN-ORBIT-ORANGE - a custom fit dusty orange "antler hat." This nifty little custom "skin" is sized perfectly for our Dash Orbit 360° Intercam. The perfect accent for an otherwise business-like Orbit during the holiday season, this accessory makes Orbit look fun & family-friendly all year round.  

This warm and colorful foam cover fits easily over Orbit's top dome cover while providing a wide lens opening so Orbit can still stream excellent audio & video and provide two-way IP intercam conversations. All while stylin' in a sweet antlered orange beanie. Hey - no one said Orbit was shy - have you heard its siren?

For kids and older folks alike, having an intercam watching over where they live & play can seem intimidating, but this cozy & warm little SKIN-ORBIT-ORANGE cover changes the classic tan "all business" helmet look of Orbit into a softer, more agreeable "friendly face." When its auto-tracking follows them, Orbit is just interested in what they do and can even help them talk to loved ones even when they are far away.

SKIN-ORBIT-ORANGE not only makes Orbit even more of the family, its "foam dome" is an extra level of protection against random moisture (think by a window in the rain or a spilled soda) and some extra padding if Orbit should get knocked off onto the floor.

Orange can be an aggressive color, according to psychologists. But this kind of dusty orange is actually a calming & soothing color - like that of a fireplace - that makes us feel tucked in & safe. And since no one can ever feel too comfy & secure, adding a SKIN-ORBIT-ORANGE cover to your Orbit is the ideal way to dress up Orbit when you introduce him to kids & remote family.

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