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Make your Orbit into a discrete cute little devil during the day that magically changes to an all but invisible security demon at night with a deep gray foam "skin" beanie that transforms his business-like appearance into a cute little character in your "personal reality" show.

SKIN-ORBIT-GREY not only looks fantastic, its "foam dome" provides an extra level of cushioning should Orbit accidentally tumble to the floor. It also provides a measure of dim light concealment since the skin's gray is hard to see against a dark background and makes discerning where Orbit's lens is pointing almost impossible in the dark.

Designers know that grey is the universal color. Its subtle shade will help your Orbit fit into formal & informal decor. On a shelf, end table, or toy box with the other stuffed animals, Orbit becomes a part of the visual 'background noise" so it can do its work without being noticed.

Beyond the color accent, SKIN-ORBIT-GREY adds a sharp little pair of kid-safe foam horns to Orbit. These little horns are the perfect & playful way to tell everyone, "watch your step - Orbit means business!" They will attract just enough visitor attention to let them know that Orbit is there, using its human detection & auto-tracking to keep an eye & ear on them.

Wanna have some fun? Get the remote siren ready when visitors walk over to Orbit & try to mess with those horns!

Orbit looks good in his grey cap, always there and always on duty watching & listening. That is unless you hit Orbit's Privacy mode - then Orbit obediently tucks away in his lens & turns off his microphone ear, and goes to sleep to give you complete privacy until you wake him up again.

Don't let the simple name SKIN-ORBIT-GREY fool you. This accessory for our Dash Orbit 360° Intercam changes the camera's visual personality into a playful little companion with a cool custom-sized horned hat that fits snugly over the Orbit's top dome but has a wide camera slot to maintain full function.

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