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Yellow Silicon Skin For The Guardian Camera
"Petals" Skin
Material: Silicon
Protective Cover for the DASH Guardian Camera


Intercam video & audio security is serious business - but it doesn't have to look like it!  IC Realtime Security Camera Skins are playful foam camera skin "beanies" that slip easily onto your Guardi intercam to help protect them from bumps and have a more family-friendly look.

IC Realtime Guardi Skins cut the unit's utilitarian look and make this innovative little "magnetic hockey puck" intercam more fun to talk with.  

A favorite with kids & elders alike is the Petals skin that changes Guardi's camera disc into a bright sunflower, brightening the room and making the intercam less obvious to prying eyes when you aren't home.

The more friendly any home security device looks, the more comfortable the family feels about it and the more likely they are to use it as part of their daily routine, like telling the kids: “wave at Petals when you get home from school,” or asking grandma to “please wave at Petals” when you get up in the morning & go to the kitchen to make coffee so I can see that you are OK.” 

The Guardi Intercam is an ideal & unobtrusive way to keep an eye & ear on the people you love. Make it an even friendlier part of their lives by adding a Petals top cap skin.


Casing: Silicon

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