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IC Realtime proudly presents the TAA compliant, South Korean-made NVR-MX16POE-1U4K1.  

The MX16POE is a sixteen-channel, 1U form factor Network Video with a built-in sixteen port, 120w PoE switch that can support up to 25.5w per channel.  With MX16POE's 128Mbps throughput, this NVR can handle cameras up to 8MP and 4K @30fps recording on each of the NVR's 16 channels, and features a built-in 16 port PoE switch, saving the cost of a separate PoE switch and makes IP camera installation a matter of direct run CAT5/6 to NVR for "plug-and-play" camera installation convenience.

When the job specs at a new installation already call for nine to sixteen IP cameras for complete coverage, or more channels are needed to expand a current 8 channel system, or it's just time to replace a less capable, out-of-date Chinese made recorder with a TAA compliant unit, IC Realtime's MX16POE is the next generation direct upgrade/replacement model for the NVR-716NS series.

IC Realtime's new state of the art MX16POE is without question the most cost-effective, highly capable OnVif 2.4 conformant 16 PoE channel NVR solution we have ever produced.  Compliant with Trade Agreements Act (TAA) restrictions, the MX16POE is the ideal NVR for schools, fire departments, or other official agencies and contract bids where Chinese made equipment is no longer accepted.

Future-proofing should always include room to grow, especially in an IP video security system.  Installing an NVR with more on-chassis PoE ports than is needed for the current camera count allows for human nature & client learning curves. Unused channels will enable clients to add additional cameras as they discover they are required. Unused built-in PoE camera ports also encourage trying out or permanently adding new cameras since they can be done as cost-effective, simple "plug and play" add-ons without replacing the NVR or any other hardware.

IC Realtime put it's years of industry expertise into MX16POE to make this new model the best cost-per-channel value we have ever built, and is the ideal new model replacement for the NVR-716NS, always our most popular & dependable 16 channel NVR.  The new MX16POE incorporates all the previous generation's reliability & flexibility while adding the video security field's newest features, including the gold-standard for security video - full 4k recording and 4K HDMI video output for almost unbelievably clear images. The MX16POE sets a new video security industry standard. This remarkable NVR is now ready to take its rightful place in the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem.

Extreme resolution is a requirement for maximum detail and clarity, and IC Realtime's MX16POE hits the mark with 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) recording capability on all channels at up to 20Mbps per channel bit rates and full 4k UHD HDMI playback performance on full screen or on two channels at a time, or for split-screen 4 to 16  channel display MX16POE will show 1080p@30fps on all of its 16 channels.

The MX16POE is also packed with useful features that are easily accessed thru our new on-screen graphical user interface. Like all IC Realtime's newest recorders, the MX16POE deploys advanced video security technology like perimeter monitoring.

IC Realtime's built-in Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) system enables advanced perimeter monitoring that responds to detection signals from IMD enabled cameras. Each camera's detection are filtered with deep-learning algorithms that analyze video motion as the video streams - in real-time - and send detection alarms only when human or vehicle intrusion is confirmed.

It can also work with ICRT's cameras to enable data gathering like people count at public places like transport hubs, police stations, school cafeterias and hallways and Heat Map alerts for facility, safety and equipment management.

MX16POE is compatible with ONVIF 2.4 protocol, enabling interoperability with any compliant IP cameras for cross-platform performance, even with surveillance systems that work independently of a video management system (VMS). MX16POE's open architecture supports multi-user access and is compatible with most manufacturer's IP cameras.

IC Realtime's MX16POE employs our new AI-based video compression scheme that - along with our Smart H.265+ video codec - reduces bit rate up to 90% compared with standard H.264. This becomes even more crucial when high-resolution cameras serve up incredible 4k video streams & video quality with commensurately large data streams. In non-tech speak, that means up to 50% more hard drive storage with no image degradation, faster video streaming and more days recorded. MX16POE has two SATA-III hard drive slots that can accommodate up to a 8TB hard drive each, so up to 16TB of installed hard drive space is available on-chassis.

Of course, like all things today great phone apps are a must, and MX16POE works perfectly with our free iPhone (IoS) & Android apps with an interface optimized for mobile monitoring & management. Since its "family" and part of the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem, MX16POE also integrates directly with the Dash line phone apps as well.  

IC Realtime's Dash series "personal reality" intercom cameras like the Dash Dinger video doorbell camera and a Dash Flooder Yard Light Intercom camera are the easiest WIFI way to make a MX16POE NVR the core of a residential or small commercial system.

Once your MX16POE is online, just go to ICrealtime.com/support/downloads to download & install either of the apps. Then scan the unit's code in for 21st-century video security goodness at your fingertips.

As part of the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem, all our FlexSmartAi MX series NVRs represents the next generation of 4k resolution, AI-enhanced Network Video Recorders. With 4k UHD video recording & playback, sixteen built-in PoE camera ports that handle IP cameras up to 8MP cameras, huge 128Mbps throughput, built-in people counting and heat map alerts, and enhanced with IVS rule detection capabilities, the MX16POE is the perfect successor to the legendary NVR-716N and the answer for future-proof 16-channel, 4K network video security.

See the complete IC Realtime Video Ecosystem of advanced 4k video security equipment, including our new MX POE series network video recorders and 4k-resolution cameras, at https://store.icrealtime.com/

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