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In 2022, a new 32 channel NVR requires both cutting-edge video technology and high processing power to handle those 32 video & audio streams. Onboard storage capacity also becomes a must-have at this larger 32 channel capacity, as is the ability to handle camera resolutions up to 4K & utilize & manage their most advanced capabilities. And in a perfect world, it should all be managed by a logical & U.S.-designed on-screen interface with the clearest & most advanced on-screen control interface built in. 

Enter IC Realtime’s new 32 channel member of the Elite Series - the NVR-EL32-2U12MP1. This TAA compliant unit is designed for installations that need to deploy up to 32 cameras running on remote POE switches where the system design calls for a rack-mountable processing powerhouse with an impressive of onboard storage space at the head end. 

NVR-EL32 is IC Realtime’s next generation of our time-tested NVR-6000K industrial capacity NVR models. Their huge on-chassis processing & storage capabilities and hyper-dependable chassis made the NVR 6000K Series already so excellent that - for this new South Korean generation - we kept those classic specs but stepped it up and upgraded the O/S and OSD to the new ICR OS 4.0, updated the firmware & cybersecurity to current standards and updated the faceplate to match IC Realtime’s new NVR look. NVR-EL32’s FlexSmartAi capability enables a range of camera and NVR-based Intelligent Video System (IVS) detection & alert capabilities on all 32 channels. The recorder takes full advantage of camera based IMD (Intelligent Motion Detection) and enables setting up tripwires with Perimeter Protection for human and vehicle detection in addition to other supported features such as heat mapping, face detection & people counting.

NVR-EL32 has a large internal power supply and - by offboarding POE to local switches the internal space - to accommodate up to 8 internal SATAIII hard drive bays, each capable of holding up to a 10TB hard drive. That’s capacity to hold up to 80TB (800GB!) of onboard storage and it has a rear panel eSATA port. As a professional-level recorder, the EL32’s drives can be RAID configured as Raid 0/1/5/6/10 and support Global HDD hot spare and includes digital records preserving “Hot Standby” capability to ensure a secure ”failover” system where the slave instantly takes over a failed drive for immediate backup. 

As part of our latest generation of 4K AV network appliances, IC Realtime’s new South Korean-made NVR-EL32-2U12MP1 is built to form the core of any multi-POE switch IP camera system. This high-capacity 4k network video “sponge” has a super-wide & deep 384Mbps thruput, capable of up to 20Mbps per channel, a TAA-rated multicore embedded processor, FlexSmartAI intelligent features, and 2x RJ45 ports. NVR-EL32 utilizes RJ-45 #1 for NVR access and dedicates the POE switch camera inputs to network port #2 to reduce latency. The backplane also includes dual HDMI outputs & a VGA port for local monitors. As the processing, storage & network interface hub for its assigned cameras, the 32 channel Elite NVR has numerous expansion ports, including 16 low-level in & 8 programmable NO/NC alarm input ports, a set of RCA jack analog ‘talk back” audio in/out ports as well as an RS232 port for external PC comm. As a professional-level unit - a pair of 2U rack ears are also included in the box. 

The ability to customize bandwidth channel-by-channel means this 32 channel NVR shares the new Elite Series capacity to record & control advanced cameras up to 12-megapixel, making NVR-EL32 totally compatible with both already installed legacy cameras & our latest 4K / AI “wonder cams.” All channels are capable of 1080P with as many as 4 channels in 4K resolution. The unit can also de-warp our famous 360° cameras into flat, normal camera views. Like its predecessors, the NVR-EL32 is designed to be compatible with ONVIF 2.4 protocols for multiple IP-enabled third-party devices and control systems, works with VMS systems and its open architecture makes for easy interoperability & integration.

The new 4.0 O/S also makes footage easier to watch & share without plug-ins for browsers like Firefox & Chrome. The capability to control bandwidth channel-by-channel means this 32 channel NVR shares the Elite Series capacity to utilize up to 12-megapixel IP cameras. All 32 are capable of 1080P and up to 4 channels at 4K resolution. The unit can also internally de-warp our famous 360° cameras into flat, normal camera views. Like its EL-series sisters and NVR-6000 series predecessors, the NVR-EL32 is designed to be compatible with numerous third-party devices and work with video management systems. Open architecture ensures interoperability & integration with ONVIF 2.4 protocols for multiple IP-enabled solutions.

When you need is a cutting-edge, 32 channel, 4K capable camera server & storage appliance with a 10 Year Limited Warranty capable of massive processing & digital records storage and professional-level intelligent detection, you need IC Realtime’s new TAA compliant NVR-EL32-2U12MP1. 

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