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Extension Pole For MNT-CEILING-30
Neat & Integrated design
Ceiling Mount Bracket Extension
Material: Aluminum
Only Fits MNT-CEILING-30


IC Realtime's new MNT-CEILING-30 simplifies pendant "drop" mounting for a wide range of our dome cameras, but its 30" drop length may not be enough for modern high-ceiling or exposed beam roof structures such as those in big box retail, vehicle service bays, or warehouses. At that point, the installer's choices would be cobbling together another mounting solution from conduit and junction boxes that would then have to be painted to match or investing in a more advanced dome camera with a longer-range zoom lens.

But if the extra time, labor struggle, and investment seems unappealing, we have the perfect answer - our MNT-POLEEXT-30. This custom finish-matched extension pole adds onto the MNT-CEILING-30 dome camera drop mount to extend the drop length another 30 inches to a little over 60" (5 feet) to meet the challenge neatly. Need an even longer drop? No problem - multiple MNT-POLEEXT-30 extension poles can be stacked to achieve additional drop length to reach your planned elevation above the target camera coverage area.

IC Realtime exists to support our industry professionals, and for our camera installers & integrators, time is money. This quick installation finish-matched MNT-CEILING-30 and MNT-POLEEXT-30 duo for fast & efficient drop camera installation at any ceiling height is just one more example of that philosophy.


Casing: Aluminum
Dimensions: 1.65” x 30.71”
(42mm x 780mm)


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