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Like its brethren IC Realtime security camera junction boxes, the new MNT-JUNCTIONBOX-7-B is a camera-matched black finish version of its white-finished sibling. This is a neat & useful mounting option that fits multiple IC Realtime medium size black dome cameras. Weatherproof to be used either indoors or outdoors, the new black finished MNT-JUNCTIONBOX-7-B is a perfect match for our factory black medium dome cameras and helps make your next installation that much neater, easier & faster.
This black aluminum camera junction box comes with a camera base gasket and mounting hardware. Like our other camera-matched junction boxes MNT-JUNCTIONBOX-7-B has a triangle of pre-drilled mounting holes on the rear base for surface attachment and a rear center ½” NPT port for thru-wall wire runs along with two side ½” NPT ports with removable screw-in caps. The 3 cast-in camera base mounting piers are pre-drilled to accommodate a wide variety of 3 hole based IC Realtime medium-size dome cameras and exactly matches our black finished cameras. 

As convenient as the mount is, its practicality is its real reason for existing. There is plenty of room inside the 4.80” diameter x 1.35” high j-box for your weather-sealed camera pigtail connections, and not having to stop & paint a camera mounting junction box makes installs fast & clean. The next time you need a medium sized black dome camera, order one of the MNT-JUNCTIONBOX-7-B for each camera and accelerate your installation. 

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