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They say knowledge is power, but applied knowledge using the right tools is even more powerful. A digital multimeter (aka DM) is but a fraction of this skilled technical trade called “Custom Integration.” If part of your services includes CCTV, a security camera test monitor is ideal - but finding the right one may be daunting. With so many options like; IP camera test monitor or analog camera test monitor, how do you choose the best surveillance camera test monitor that fits your lifestyle?

The goal of any security testing tools should be to get you in and out of your job quickly, installed correctly, and off to your next task without any hiccups, shouldn’t it? Surveillance camera tests and initiation protocols can now be performed with ease. In some installation cases, it can replace a second hand.

In some cases, a job that can usually take 3 people for service and maintenance of surveillance products can be a thing of the past.

This tool supports most variants of analog HD signaling, all IP cameras, ethernet, and coaxial media type and signal protocols. In addition, image formats of up to 4K at 30 frames can be displayed on screen. This security camera test monitor is powerful, easy to carry, suitable for video security engineering installation, and maintains front-end camera equipment. No power on the job site? No problem, the IC Realtime security camera tester has that built-in. Quality and application security testing tools are beneficial and a must-have for each working vehicle. Order yours’ today.

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