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IC Realtime's latest NDAA Certified camera is something special. This eyeball dome camera it’s built to stay in full color 24/7. Our new IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED starts with an extraordinary 4MP QHD Starlight sensor that can still see in color at light levels 3x darker than a moonless night. Then we add a special wide angle “warm white” LEDs and our new wide aperture 2.8mm lens with a 103° wide FOV. This combination results in 4MP (2688 × 1520) full-color night vision. For NVR-based or advanced “eyes & ears” for VMS systems, this eyeball dome is among the world’s best fixed-focus NDAA cameras.

IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED features an ultra-sensitive Starlight chipset that stays in color mode . It dependably streams in color down to 0.003 lux of ambient light. Below that - since dim natural light at night blurs color to gray - this eyeball dome adds just enough "warm white" light in complete darkness to see colors accurately. Its dual LEDs flood the camera's FOV with what looks to human eyes like a gentle glow. But that light wash of full-spectrum photons is enough to let the camera's large-aperture lens and 4MP Starlight chip resolve full-color video out to 90+ feet. IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED streams its F.O.V. in both full color and 4MP QHD clarity, 24/7.

Turret or eyeball IP cameras offer the perfect blend of easy installation and FOV aiming found in bullet cameras, coupled with the low-profile damage & weather resistance of dome cameras. Encased within a sealed, cast metal IP67-rated "camball," the IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED's imaging core is safeguarded. This unique design allows for a 360° rotation and 0°–78° tilt, mounted on its sturdy 4.8" round cast metal base. Its unparalleled flexibility and durability have made it a top choice for swift and hassle-free installations on any mounting surface.

In security video, it's crucial to not only see clearly, but also hear what's happening. That’s why the IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED boasts a built-in microphone for localized audio capture. Your real-time overwatch and NVR recordings are complete and time-stamped digital records of events. This audio and 4MP color video stream is then available for frame-by-frame analysis by the camera's internal FlexSmartAI detection systems. It can also be shared with a connected FlexSmartAI NVR. As one of our newest 4MP Dome network cameras, the IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED utilizes the latest version of FlexSmartAI, which features the industry's most precise deep algorithmic learning AI systems for motion detection and perimeter protection, effectively reducing false alerts by up to 90%.

The IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED embodies the Max Series design goals. It’s a professional-grade, dependable & NDAA-rated video security solution that's remarkably easy to install. The camera fuses IC Realtime's renowned video excellence with cutting-edge AI detection & image management The IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED offers a 120dB Wide Dynamic Range for sharp edge and detail delineation, customizable controls for BLC, WB, rotation, and mirror-image settings. This camera incorporates 3D Digital Noise Reduction for cleaner video frames. It has three resolution & frame rate adjustable streams, along with Smart H.265+/Smart H.264+ stream compression codecs. Furthermore, it's Profile G/S/T ONVIF, and P2P compliant, equipped with an internal 256GB mSD slot, and can be powered via POE at under 9 watts or locally with 12VDC power.

IC Realtime's Max Series cameras have been the top pick for our dealers and integrators handling industrial, commercial, and residential camera installations. This new camera brings to our NDAA-certified line what many consider the next step in security camera evolution: 24/7 full color streams in a flexible & tough eyeball design, 24/7 Starlight color, a built-in audio mic, and advanced FlexSmartAI features, and backed by IC Realtime's 10-Year Limited Warranty, the IPVMX-E40F-W1-LED Max Series camera stands out among NDAA cameras. This is the perfect choice for your next IP security system installation, especially for those seeking an ideal eyeball dome solution.

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