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Dome cameras have the unique ability to be both highly visible deterrents and conceal their actual aim point. Their camera head is nestled under a weather-sealed, turtle-like hard outer shell. From almost any distance away, their round structure implies 360° video security coverage. IC Realtime’s new NDAA-certified IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 is our latest example of that capability. This 4MP QHD compact dome features 3 video output multiple streams with variable frame rates and multiple selectable resolutions from 4MP down to CIF, and an mSD slot for cards up to 256Mb for local “edge” recording. And these output streams are HTML5 and OnVif compatible. This flexibility makes this tough compact dome ideal for both VMS systems and a great choice for cloud or NVR-based camera installations.

IC Realtime cameras like the IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 are often referred to as “vandal dome” cameras. This is because we build them with clear impact-resistant caps and cast metal bases that render them hard to damage. This compact camera boasts a tough, sealed dome design that not only ensures IP67 water resistance but also provides IK10 impact resistance. This makes them suitable for places where vandalism or even accidental impacts are a real possibility. This includes schools, industrial & retail security installations. It also shelters the camera’s advanced 4MP camera mechanism from tampering & environmental damage.

This compact dome uses our latest generation Starlight video chipset. This 2.7” progressive scan CMOS image sensor features an ultra-low light sensitivity and 120dB of chip-based dynamic range. Its dense 2688 x 1520 pixel field captures every photon for clear color images down to 0.005 lux. The camera’s sharp focus-free 2.8mm lens perfectly renders a 103° x 55° field of view. In complete darkness, the camera enables its IR LED illumination to reach out to 98 feet. This delivers detailed gray-scale images when there’s no light at all, indoors or out. There are also audio & alarm I/O ports for access control, gate & door system integration.

IC Realtime is committed to the continuous evolution of AI across our product lines. The IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 is a prime example of this goal. Harnessing the power of our cutting-edge algorithms and deep-learning processes, it excels in both detection and image/stream management. By significantly reducing the required pixel count for detection, it not only boosts accuracy but also enhances reliability. Camera-based Perimeter Protection, iVS, and Tripwire functions have all been fine-tuned for heightened responsiveness and precision, resulting in a 90% reduction in false alarms. For even more advanced capabilities, IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 seamlessly integrates with IC Realtime's latest AI-NVRs, enabling Intelligent Search functionality.

The IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 can withstand extreme temperature ranges, ranging from -40°F to +140°F, making it a versatile choice for various environments like outdoors or indoors in freezers and cold storage warehouses. It consumes less than 7.3 watts of POE power or can be powered locally with 12VDC when POE is unavailable. Its remarkable power tolerance of ±30% enhances its overall dependability. IC Realtime offers a comprehensive selection of custom-fit mounting options making this compact dome suitable for any installation environment, indoors or outdoors.

At only 5” in base diameter, the compact IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 can fit almost any installation point. Like all IC Realtime cameras, it comes with mounting screws & anchors in the box, making it easy to install. And camera pros know IC Realtime puts its money where its mouth is with our famous industry-leading 10-year Limited Warranty. If your next installation needs an NDAA-certified 4MP fixed-focus vandal dome camera, IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 is the perfect choice.

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