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IC Realtime’s new IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 makes IC Realtime’s legendary 4MP QHD video quality available to video pros who require an NDAA-certified vandal dome for their client’s installation. This tough little AI-enhanced dome has the same Starlight video chipset and power zoom lens as its IPVFX-B40V bullet camera sister, but in this case, the entire mechanism is protected under an impact-resistant acrylic dome and cast metal-based design. And just like the B40V bullet version of this cost-effective camera, it’s perfect for both NVR-based and VMS-based camera systems.

Great lens designs combined with excellent video sensors are the core tech of IC Realtime cameras. The IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 features a versatile autofocus power zoom lens, ranging from 2.7mm medium wide angle to 13.5mm, providing an adjustable horizontal field of view (FOV) from 27° to 104°. This flexibility removes most limitations when positioning the camera: the ideal FOV can be dialed in, regardless of its mounting location. The lens system also boasts precise autofocus capabilities, enhancing the camera's performance since it’s focused on its advanced 4MP Starlight video sensor. This cutting-edge sensor surpasses the previous pixel density standard of 1080P HD, delivering an impressive 2688 x 1520 Quad HD (QHD) pixel density rating. Each pixel is exceptionally Starlight sensitive, capable of maintaining image color even in low light conditions down to 0.005 lux before transitioning to grayscale. This advanced sensor even incorporates the latest 120dB of Wide Dynamic Range directly on the chip. This ensures video output is optimized for detection - even before undergoing IC Realtime's renowned image processing - for unparalleled detail and quality.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with today's diverse video and audio surveillance market, the IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 offers unparalleled compatibility. This dome is perfect for systems ranging from local NVR-based systems to advanced VMS systems such as IP Configure’s Orchid. It produces 3 video streams with variable frame rates and resolution options, ranging from 4MP down to CIF, allowing customization to meet specific stream requirements. IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 features Smart H.265b/264b video compression. and when utilized with IC Realtime NVRs, an H.265+ mode, reducing stream bandwidth and storage usage by up to 70%. Moreover, its output is HTML5 and OnVif compatible, offering maximum flexibility and ease of integration. This attention to stream control ensures that the IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 is well-equipped for even the most demanding installations.

A hallmark of a professional-grade security camera is its ability to integrate with systems like access control, vehicle gates, and door intercom systems. The IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 excels in this respect, equipped with both 2-way audio I/O and alarm I/O leads, enabling it to function as an integral component within these broader systems. External 2-way audio is encoded and streamed alongside the camera's video, along with alarm notifications. The camera's AI-enhanced Perimeter Protection, iVS, and Tripwire functions achieve an impressive 90% reduction in false alarms. When your client is ready to elevate their NVR system's capabilities to the next level, the IPVMX-D40F-IRW1 seamlessly integrates with IC Realtime's cutting-edge AI-NVRs, unlocking a myriad of additional options, including the latest Intelligent Search functionality.

The IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 is only 5” in diameter but is designed with a robust weather-hardened IP67 rating and IK10 impact resistance, ensuring durability in any environment. Its sturdy full-metal base, impact-resistant dome, and integrated mount and base system make it suitable for any installation. With a wide operating temperature range from -22°F to +140°F, this camera performs flawlessly both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the season. Compact domes like the IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 are often referred to as "vandal domes" due to their environmental toughness. This makes them ideal in places like transit, schools, and retail where accidental or purposeful damage or misalignment is a realistic possibility. For maximum installation flexibility, IC Realtime offers perfectly fitted and color-matched mounting options such as junction boxes and ceiling-drop extension poles in stock, catering to diverse site requirements.

Dome cameras represent maximum mechanism protection combined with a weatherproof design. Compact domes like the IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 fit almost anywhere. The dome’s dark internal camera mechanism & round design deliver a measure of actual camera aim point ambiguity from even a small distance. With a power zoom lens and 4MP QHD Starlight sensor, the IPVFX-D40V-IRW1 is already one of the best dome cameras in the industry. When you combine it with the camera’s wide output stream flexibility and IC Realtime’s 10 Year Limited Warranty, it stands out as the best value in NDAA-certified varifocal dome cameras available today.

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