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Back in the 1970s, the first security cameras with infrared (IR) LED night vision made it possible to flood a dark area with light only visible to the camera. IR light's invisibility to humans made discrete video security possible in darkness without compromising its location. Despite their practical advantages, IR cameras couldn't display color images. Fortunately, IC Realtime has the 21st-century cure for "black and white at night" with our new Max series 24/7 full-color IPMX-D40F-W1.

IPMX-D40F-W1 is the first IC Realtime 4MP Dome Security Camera to use this revolutionary lens and sensor combo. These advanced IP cameras combine a wide aperture 2.8mm lens with an ultra-low lux 4MP Starlight video chip that delivers 4MP full-color video streams day or night - down to 0.003 lux - more than three times darker than a moonless night. This extraordinary lens and chip combo are so sensitive they can detect and stream full-color video without any built-in illuminators by using even the faintest ambient light like starlight, moonlight, or indirect or cloud reflected light from a nearby porch, yard, or streetlight while remaining discrete.  

Focusing on the Starlight chip is another of IPMX-D40F-W1’s "secret ingredients" - a wide aperture 2.8mm lens with a 103° wide Field of View. This "light sponge" lens sucks up every photon from its FOV and concentrates them on the sensor. The camera’s upfront hardware sends video frames to IC Realtime’s legendary image processing software.
The result is that with literally any ambient light level - like a night light, porchlight, or minimal building entry area or loading dock light - IPMX-D40F-W1 streams highly detailed video frames with clear color and edge definition 24/7.

Not only does IPMX-D40F-W1 deliver fantastic day and night visual clarity for live observation and recordings, but it also provides the detail and color data for the camera's built-in FlexSmartAI detection skills, enabling enhanced detection and tripwire perimeter protection that reduces false alerts by 90+% while dependably providing human and vehicle detection. IPMX-D40F's FlexSmartAI skills extend throughout the camera's operations and controls, enabling the camera's super-wide 120dB WDR, Smart H.265+ lossless video stream and recording compression, and excellent DORI performance. Beyond its skills, IPMX-D40F-W1 can work with a FlexSmartAI NVR for further video processing and analysis to improve search and detection and even help produce merged event video sets.

No matter how innovative and cutting-edge we make any new camera, we still ensure it delivers the legendary IC Realtime reliability and features our professional dealer/integrators demand. Our new IPMX-D40F-W1 quickly hits that mark with audio and alarm in/out ports, an internal 256GB Micro SD slot, full OnVif compatibility, and multi-level cyber security built-in. IPMX-D40F-W1 is "plug and play" on any IC Realtime NVR with auto-detection and initialization.

A rugged acrylic dome tops the camera's compact 4.3" diameter cast metal base and bell for IP67 weather and IK10 vandal resistance. Installation is easy with multiple mounting accessory options. The camera needs only 4.4W POE and has a 2.1mm jack for 12VDC local power where POE isn't available.

IPMX-D40F-W1 is a dependable next-generation 4MP Dome Network Camera that streams color video day and night, has audio and alarm integration, powers device interactive FlexSmartAI detection capabilities, is encased in a tough-as-nails compact vandal-resistant shell, and is covered by the industry's most extended warranty.  If you are looking for the ideal fixed-focus 4MP IP Starlight dome camera for any light-challenged location, IPMX-D40F-W1 is your best choice.

(Made in South Korea and TAA compliant as of July 2022)

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