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As the latest update to IC Realtime's super-capable Starlight IP mini bullet line up, IPMX-B20F-IRB2 just took another leap into the future. Re-engineered from lens to base, the B20F-IRB2 model adds an even better Starlight low light video chipset! It's packed with advanced Ai assisted detection and tripwire functions, and a new audio capability with a built-in microphone for local audio pick-up, and a pair of audio in/out RCA jacks right on the camera pigtail to accommodate external audio sources. Audio comes encoded by the camera & streamed with the video stream for complete situational awareness.

The B20F is IC Realtime's smallest "IP mini-bullet" design, and this version is updated to be an even more complete video security tool. The new IPMX-B20F-IRB2 has joined the ranks of our FlexSmartAi camera series and now incorporates vastly improved Ai assisted IVS & intelligent motion detection (IMD) functions, more extended SmartIR reach of 160+ feet, and the latest Starlight video chip & autoexposure controls, including 120db of WDR that renders amazing full color down to 0.002 lux and super sharp IR images even in 0.00 lux darkness. All this built-in technical skill is fed by the B20F's ultra-sharp 2.8mm medium wide-angle lens that enables a 106° x 57° field of view.

With the addition of AI & deep learning algorithms, the B20F now demonstrates vastly improved IMD performance that identifies human and vehicle intrusions with up to 95% accuracy to reduce or eliminate false alarms. Tripwire and perimeter protection are also enhanced since the B20F's FlexSmartAi capabilities reduce the number of sensor pixels needed for accurate detection. Zone coverage can now be set to recognize intrusions with up to 90% accuracy.

AV professionals and commercial installers will appreciate this small but now even more capable IPMX-B20F-IRB2 not just for its new smarts but for its professional features and stylish size & format. The IRB version has long been an installer favorite for use in clubs, restaurants, and media rooms where its black outer finish discreetly blends into any interior decor with ease. Tiny but tough, this new B20F is also entirely at home outside, with an IP67 weather and IK10 vandal-resistant rating, 4Kv lightning resistance, and a super-wide ±30% voltage tolerance for consistent performance even in challenging installation environments.

The B20F also employs our newest AI-enhanced H.265+ video stream encoding that analyzes each video frame & compares them with their neighboring frames to make each shot as perfect as possible and reduce or eliminate video noise. Once each frame is optimized, the B20F then intelligently compresses the output stream to save up to 70% of bandwidth and storage over standard H.265 encoding. We all now live in security & privacy challenged world, so all IC Realtime cameras & recorders are protected from cyber threats by multiple layers of authorizations & password protections. All network traffic is encrypted in both directions to a point where our gear now meets the newest network UL CAP certification standards.

Suppose you are a video professional looking for a cost-effective, cutting-edge IP mini bullet as a camera solution for your next installation. In that case, IC Realtime's new IPMX-B20F-IRB2 is your smartest choice.
IC Realtime exists to help our dealers succeed & grow by selling & installing only the best video security gear. Every product in the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem is designed to help you win your next security camera job.

To see our new IPMX-B20F-IRB2 and IC Realtime's complete B2B product line, check it out at https://www.icrealtime.com/

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