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IC Realtime's new IPFX-S20F-W2 2MP Pinhole Security Camera comes as close as possible to genuinely invisible, seeing the world with a lens aperture quite literally no larger than a fly on the wall.  This new generation of our popular IP/POE "pinhole" camera adds a Starlight video chip with 0.005 lux color and 0.0005 Lux b/w video and FlexSmartAI intelligence into its unique split design that lets you conceal the camera lens unit wherever needed - even in cabinets or behind walls.

Capable of being installed in the tightest of spaces, this evolution of our IP “pinhole” security camera has a tiny but tough aluminum camera head with an impressive 2MP Starlight video chipset and 2.8mm 105° wide FOV lens encased in a tube less than 2" long x 1.25" in diameter.  An integrated 25-foot long cable connects the new IPFX-S20F’s tiny camera head cylinder to the camera's similarly compact 4.33" × 3.27" × 0.94" network interface box. This "deck of cards" sized case can be remotely installed using its included bracket wherever convenient - even in another room.

Beyond its new Starlight video sensor, IPFX-S20F-W2 adds FlexSmartAI humans and vehicle detection and stream management intelligence to its video and audio toolbox. Already ideal for discrete surveillance, IPFX-S20F-W2 now adds the power of algorithmic analysis and deep learning to make it a full-fledged FlexSmartAI business intelligence and security tool. It may be hard to believe, but that little interface box has a big brain, enabling bidirectional interaction with IC Realtime FlexSmartAI NVRs to achieve a wide range of alerts and actions based on virtual tripwires and intrusion areas, missing or abandoned objects, even crowd and loitering alerts you can custom program using a simple on-screen interface.

Despite its unique design and minuscule size, IPFX-S20F's network interface box houses IC Realtime's complete state-of-the-art video auto-exposure suite and camera control system with audio I/O and alarm I/O ports for easy access integration with alarm systems and gate, door, and access control systems. The camera is POE requiring less than 4.5W POE or it can be locally powered with 12VDC @ 3.7W - but please note - the camera interface box must be powered down when connecting or disconnecting the camera lens unit or the camera will be damaged, so please be careful during installation.

S20F enables “stealth” installation almost anywhere a visible camera can't be used, like loss control and employee security situations. The camera’s split design is perfect for ATMs, vending machines, or even tool cabinets.  Installing the S20F concealed over Point Of Sale (POS) register counters enables discrete video recording where tight face shots and hand actions may be vital for identification. Businesses can conduct analytics and personnel and operations management with ultimate discretion. Small size and 12VDC power capability could make mobile placements possible using the adaptive installation. Even “nanny-cam” placement, such as in flower arrangements or within shelf-top objects, is now easily accomplished.

Many challenging installation sites require the tiniest form factor available and also wide-angle, 2MP 1080p full HD video observation with ultra low light sensitivity and built-in FlexSmartAi detection capabilities. When the job requirements move beyond discrete to virtually invisible, the IPFX-S20F-W2 now enables even more powerful ultra-low light operation combined with built-in AI detection and business intelligence capabilities - all in one package.

CAUTION! - the camera interface box must be powered down when connecting or disconnecting the camera lens unit or the camera will be damaged.

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