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IC Realtime's IPFX-D80V-IRW1 is one of those cameras that prove 4K Ultra High Definition is the perfect use for video security. This FlexSmartAi UHD power zoom dome camera represents the tipping point where Ultra High Definition moves from amusing to amazing, and security video rises from HD excellent to incredibly spectacular.

A sensor chip like this deserves a great lens, and the D80V delivers big-time with a power zoom varifocal 2.7mm – 13.5mm autofocus lens system that gives a zoom dependent 110°–40° wide field of view. to take it all in. The IPFX-D80V also comes equipped with IC Realtime's industry-leading 120db WDR and 3D Digital Noise Reduction auto exposure and video management systems to keep all the details UHD sharp. Outside or indoors, D80V's darkness dominating 0.05 Lux@F1.5 low-light video sensor is supplemented by 160+ feet of auto-activated Smart IRs.

FlexSmartAi's deep learning algorithm enables enhanced IVS motion detection, perimeter control, and business intelligence and dependably recognizes human and vehicle intrusions with high accuracy, frame-by-frame analysis. This helps eliminate false alarms, triggering alerts only when The AI detects an actual intrusion and ignores irrelevant pixel-change motion like leaves in the wind for a 90% reduction in false detection alerts.

With 4K pixel density, stream management becomes even more vital, so the D80V utilizes IC Realtime's H.265+ video stream compression. This part of the FlexSmartAi system uses a scene-adaptive video codec that uses adjacent multi-frame references and applies intelligent noise reduction to fill in missing pixels for the complete video picture while simultaneously managing streaming bit rates. This level of frame-by-frame video management and high-speed analysis & compression means storage requirements are reduced by up to 70% compared to standard H.265 and less network load.

For complete forensic evidence recording & post-incident review capabilities and UHD security gate or entryway live observations, the IPFX-D80V also includes a line-in audio to input an audio source in its output stream. That same audio pickup can enable audio triggering of D80V's IVS detection alerts when defined in its IVS "tripwire" rules and makes for court-admissible forensic video when digital watermarking is enabled.

That audio detection triggering is part of our new FlexSmartAi system that adds built-in brains to D80V's 4K UHD turret dome camera design. This built-in intelligence also makes D80V the perfect camera for our new FlexSmartAi recorders. They will automatically use IPFX-D80V's UHD pixel density and tripwire & intrusion capabilities to max out recorder-based FlexSmartAi detection & recognition capabilities.

Beyond its audio & UHD video features, IPFX-D80V's physical features include 12VDC power capability in case 7.3w of PoE isn't available and support a 256Gb mSD card for onboard video storage. Of course, the D80V is ONVIF (Profile S/ G/P/T) P2P and CGI compatible and is UL listed.

All IC Realtime cameras & recorders are protected by multiple layers of authorizations & password protections to ensure security on both the device & network levels. Network traffic is always encrypted in both directions and our IP security devices meet or exceed UL CAP certification standards.

IC Realtime's proud tradition of broad compatibility, market-beating 4K UHD video quality, easy installation, and vandal & weather resistant reliability has never been more clearly defined than in our IPFX-D80V-IRW1.

IC Realtime exists to help our dealers succeed & grow. Registered Dealers have their own Factory Product Specialist and complete access to the whole IC Realtime Video Ecosystem online via their Dealer Portal or in our new ICR Companion app. They will answer all your questions about the IPFX-D80V and about IC Realtime's industry-leading warranties, our U.S.-based Tech Support, and our concierge-level Dealer Program. And don't forget to ask them to show you our new integration-compatible Dash series video doorbell, yard light intercom camera, and new Orbit & Guardian personal reality intercams.

Call your local IC Realtime distributor or your IC Realtime factory rep toll-free at (866) 997-9009 for a live online demo to show you the amazing D80V in all its 4K UHD glory. To see the complete IC Realtime Video Ecosystem visit https://www.icrealtime.com/

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