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IC Realtime's new IPEL-2030X-IRS1 is really a remote control 30X telescope encased in a marine-rated 316L stainless steel outer shell that is as tough as it is beautiful. P2030X is the perfect addition to your pool area, your dock, or even right on your boat. Onboard, this extraordinary camera system would be a state-of-the-art security & navigation tool that would give you direct, telescopic video access wherever you point it.

Behind the P2030X's power telescope is an equally extraordinary video sensor - our 2MP full 1080P ultra low light using StarVision (STARVIS) 2.8" CMOS chipset that is capable of gathering enough ambient light to sense full color down to 0.005 lux - and in high contrast B/W down to 0.0005 lux. Remember - 1.0 lux is reflected light from a candle @ 1 meter, so this camera can still sense & transmit color at 0.005 lux - 0.5% of 1 lux! Coupled with the 4.5mm ~ 135mm power zoom lens that enables a 67.8° ~ 2.4° wide field of view, this is state-of-the-art video performance.

With our powerful 30X zoom lens and Starlight video chip providing pro-level video input, IC Realtime's built-in software takes over the video stream. This video suite applies our legendary advanced video processing magic to make even the slightest color or contrast difference pop out on the video. Most AI & human detection occurs by recognizing edges and our 120dB of dynamic range means the P2030X's video is checked at 128 different exposure levels and dynamically adjusted many a second to produce the best picture possible in every frame. Combined with Electronic Image Stabilization & defog support and dozens of other automatic or adjustable image controls, P2030X delivers the best video possible 24/7.

Beyond its telescopic video skills, the P2030X has the brains to put that perfected video to use. Our auto-tracking is enhanced with human-oriented zoom & tracking speed adaptation for accurate shot framing. IC Realtime's advanced Intelligent Video System (IVS) is installed to know what to do when you can't be there. You can set the P2030X up to trigger alarms or send alerts if it detects something isn't within the rules you programmed. You can set up AI rules such as tripwire, intrusion, missing or abandoned object, and even face detection. P2030X's advanced IVS adds programmable AI-enhanced detection to your security crew.

Beyond the P2030X's video skills, this steel cased video tool integrates into loudhailer and intercom systems with audio I/O on the PTZ's network connector pigtail, coaxial with 7 Alarm In + 2 Alarm out contacts for easy access & connection waterproofing. The camera has an internal heater and is rated for operation -40°F ~ 158°F / -40°C ~ 70°C. Power options include the unit's standard 24VAC/3Amp power brick with a super-wide ±25% input voltage tolerance or PoE+ (802.3at). The camera is, of course, ONVIF, PSIA, & CGI interoperable and FCC / CE approved. Network video streams are optimized with auto-fallback H.265+ / H.265 / H.264+ / H.264 video management & lossless compression. There's even an internal Micro SD card slot for up to 128GB of on-camera video spooling for ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) to recover missing footage from the P2030X and "fill in" any missing sections on the NVR's hard drive. And with an outer casing made of 316L stainless steel, P2030X is IK10 impact and IP68 water intrusion resistant, so it's safe by the pool or out on the water.

IC Realtime's IPEL-2030X-IRS1 is the best looking PTZ we have ever made - and its video, audio & alarm detection skills make it one of our most advanced IP PTZ cameras all around. Its stainless steel shell says professional quality, and its advanced video streams back that up with cutting-edge performance. For home, office, dockside, or onboard, our P2030X is an excellent and stylish PTZ choice.

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