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IC Realtime's new MB80F is a multi-lens panoramic camera that can solve multi-camera installation challenges in a way no other kind of camera can, and with an easy, one-location installation.

IC Realtime's new MB80F is a single-mount, 4 lens panoramic ("pano") case camera. The camera's IP67 weather resistant / IK10 vandal resistant cast aluminum housing contains & protects 4 separate 1080p camera heads. All four connect to a single channel to the NVR system with a single CAT5/6 PoE+ cable.

The MB80F's unique video "superpower" is that all four camera feeds can seamlessly stitch into a wide 180° panorama at full 1080p HD resolution.

Cover the whole back of a warehouse with one camera. Seamlessly view from the shipping docks, across the parking lot to the side driveway. Or cover your client's entire showroom area or even a whole grow house, front to back.

MB80F is also perfect for challenging job sites where cable run access is difficult or impossible. Being able to connect it's 4 lenses with one CAT5/6 cable to achieve a wide-area coverage can make all the difference.

In mounting access situations like poured concrete walls with obstructions, or where mounting 4 individual cameras would mean four new poles and 4 long cable & conduits runs - and another network switch, IC Realtime has the best answer.

MB80F's 4 cameras can do the full 180° in one run with just a 17w PoE pigtail, so no additional switch. The math is simple: MB80F = 4 cams, one PoE+ cable, one PoE+ port. Done.

On remote or off-structure camera sites like a utility pole, the MB80F is the ideal solution to the dreaded camera stack & multiple cable runs.

For complete physical plant coverage, put one MB80F facing the northeast corner and one facing the southwest corner and see an entire building exterior panorama with a 2 camera installation.
In situations where a PTZ has always been the best option for wide-area coverage, now the MB80F alternative provides a fixed, constant view camera asset that doesn't need to move to give the wide-area coverage required.

MB50F manages all 4 video streams automatically with the standard IC Realtime advanced camera features & control systems like SMART H.265+, flexible video coding. These exposure controls include Digital Wide Dynamic Range, highlight & backlight compensation, and court-admissible, digital watermarking.

Physically, the MB50F can use PoE+ (under 17w) or 24VAC/12VDC local power, where PoE isn't available. Its interface suite has 2 alarm in & 2 alarm out ports, an audio in & out jack, and MB50F can internally support a 256Gb SD card for local video storage.

IPEL-MB80F-IRW1 - and every video tool in the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem - is designed to solve video security challenges for your client base. Let our product specialists help you win your next security camera job.

Reach out to your IC Realtime factory rep toll-free at (866) 997-9009 to schedule a live IPEL-MB80F-IRW1 demo for you, your sales crew, and your clients.
Call your IC Realtime distributor or become a registered IC Realtime dealer to access everything IC Realtime via your Dealer Portal or ICR Companion app, or go online and see the complete IC Realtime Video Ecosystem, including the new IPEL-MB80F-IRW1, at store.icrealtime.com/

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