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When 360-degree situational awareness is required but needs to come in a smaller, less obtrusive physical package, the only professional choice is IC Realtime's new AI-assisted IPEL-F50F-W1.

A compact, 5MP 360-degree Network IR Camera version of it's 12MP big brother, the IPEL-F50F-W1's small metal case and tough acrylic dome resist damage & tampering.

IPEL-F50F-W1 is the perfect 360 security camera, our most discrete answer to providing wide-area video & audio coverage while still delivering the same all-around AI & video management benefits.

As a member of IC Realtime's virtual reality AI video camera family, IPEL-F50F-W1 can stream 360-degree, simultaneous video & audio coverage for full area live view & recording coverage, day or night, to your IC Realtime NVR or AVR. These "virtual reality" level recordings enable unique capabilities during playback, such as changing field of view to dynamically see everything in a scene - moving time forward, backward, slow motion, even frame-by-frame.

With its small case and a built-in audio mic to detect intrusion or vandalism, IPEL-F50F-W1 is perfect for warehouse entrances, fire doors, above packaging areas and aisleways. Discrete placement above intersections in hallways and roadways makes maximum use of IPEL-F50F-W1's 360-degree ability to see in every direction to enable recording & analysis of traffic patterns and interactions.  

Using the same advanced technology and AI features as our flagship 12mp 360 camera, the 5MP IPEL-F50F-W1 has a smaller case for much lower visual impact, blending in where a larger camera would be too obvious or intrusive.

As easy to install as a conventional IP-PoE powered camera, it's native 360-degree fisheye security camera view is software de-warped, resolving the camera's native circular/panoramic camera into natural, flat human eye views. Multiple de-warping modes are available when teamed with an IC Realtime AVR, NVR, or via the web interface. Each de-warping mode offers options to adjust to every scene.

You won't miss a thing when this camera is watching.  There is no such thing as "out of camera shot" because IPEL-F50F-W1 sees & records everything in its 360-degree field of view just like it's big brother.

IPEL-F50F-W1 delivers complete 360-degree, de-warpable scenes in live view or playback, providing multiple human perspective views of any part as needed for recording review or during real-time live monitoring.

Unparalleled 360-degree video viewing & recording is just the beginning. The IPEL-F50F-W1 offers a suite of AI support and IVS rules such as intrusion, tripwire, heat-mapping, and people counting.

To keep things "real-time," this 5mp camera uses the same advanced video encoding codec HEVC(H.265)H.265 ITU-T VCEG as it's 12mp sibling. This 21st-century encoding technology dynamically manages the relationship between the code stream, encoding quality, and algorithm complexity to improve compression efficiency and error recovery and reduce video decoding delay.

And just like all our cameras, IC Realtime builds our IPEL-F50F-W1 cameras for today's real-world with IP67 weather rating, IK08 vandal resistance, and 4KV lightning rating for effective environmental protection for outdoor applications.  The IPEL-F50F-W1 also features an ultra-wide operating voltage tolerance of ±30% nominal input voltage for dependability, even in the most unstable power conditions.

In areas where everything matters, see & record everything.
But where discretion is essential, IPEL-F50F-W1 can deliver the all-around best 360-degree AI camera performance benefits in a discrete, compact form factor.

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