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IC Realtime's latest 12MP IR fisheye IP camera is the best all-around security camera ever made. IPEL-F12F-IRW2 delivers a real-time, 12MP simultaneous view & recording over a massive 180° observation area that can be "de-warped" into a standard flat view for review or direct real-time situational awareness. This latest IRW2 version adds a dual microphone audio pickup array/speaker combination and our latest FlexSmartAi built-in intelligence features, making IPEL-F12F-IRW2 the industry's smartest wide-area camera choice.

Developed as a single point, 180° coverage tool, this single-camera location will see & hear everything around it - all at the same time - in each video frame. This 180° "fisheye" frame with simultaneous audio capture makes IPEL-F12F a unique & invaluable resource for complete area audio & video awareness. This special wide-area video & audio coverage provides situational context for retail loss management, detention area overwatch, and a bird's eye perspective for production area oversight in manufacturing & fulfillment supervision. IPEL-F12F's tough IK10 impact resistance and IP67 weather rating & internal heater mean it can perform in challenging areas such as school lunchrooms, parking lots, or public spaces like entrance plazas & lobby areas.  

IPEL-F12F-IRW2's 12MP IR Fisheye network camera stream utilizes a densely packed 4000 x 3000-pixel video sensor. This density renders incredibly detailed native 180° fisheye views using the camera's 1.85mm spherical aspect fixed focus lens system, supplemented under 0.01 lux ambient light by 32+ feet of IR illumination. That ultra-detailed 180° stream is then electronically de-warped as desired into standard camera views for human observation & analysis - and for the camera's own even more unblinking & perceptive FlexSmartAI detection system.

Artificial Intelligence is at its best when working on tasks that require detailed & unwavering 24/7 attention. Humans find it hard to do, making IC Realtime's IPEL-F12F-IRW2 the best in the business. It has the most advanced AI skill set in the industry - FlexSmartAI. The system’s algorithm-enhanced motion detection capabilities are excellent right out of the box, and the system's deep learning capability means they will learn & get better over time. They include IVS Perimeter protection with customizable tripwire & intrusion zones, Heat Mapping, People Counting, and even Queue (people in line) management & alerts. The camera can even directly display & export custom human traffic reports.

For comprehensive forensic review, no other technology can equal the IPEL-F12F's ability to simultaneously see & record everything that happens across an entire area, providing objective, undeniable eye-witness evidence. This 12MP fisheye camera captures and replays high-definition audio and video.

The live or recorded stream can be electronically de-warped into standard flat video frame views to observe any specific area.  When the camera's legally permissible, time-stamped video watermarks are enabled, video & audio evidence from the IPEL-F12F's is virtually undeniable.

Built as a team player, IPEL-F12F-IRW2 shares this AV & detection datastream with its paired FlexSmartAI NVR. When installed with one of our state-of-the-art FlexSmartAi NVRs, the IPEL-F12F-IRW2 and NVR form an interactive video/audio system to become the most flexible, complete, and cost-effective AI analysis system available today.

It's hard to overstate the advantages of live audio & video oversight and time-stamped recorded digital records enabled by this revolutionary single-point 180° view 12MP fisheye security camera. IPEL-F12F's ability to see, hear, capture, and even verbally interact with a wide area cannot be duplicated with any other technology. 180° video, alarm ports, audio I/O jacks, dual-mic audio pickup, and a built-in interactive talkback speaker make this unique IP camera an irreplaceable addition to any IP video system. 

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