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Buy a camera. Get an all-seeing time machine.

Science fiction once promised that in the future, we would have ultra hi-resolution cameras able to see a complete 360 degree field of view, even in total darkness; while Artificial Intelligence analyzed every frame of the area in ways beyond human vision, adjusting night vision, counting people, spotting missing or lost objects, monitoring alarm tripwires and intrusion zones, and using heat mapping to provide essential analytic data like crowd density statistics. At IC Realtime, that future is now.

IPEL-F12F-IRW1 is IC Realtime's virtual reality 360 degree AI video camera, the perfect answer to provide wide-area coverage.

IPEL-F12F-IRW1 does what no other camera can: stream 360 degree, simultaneous 12 megapixel video & audio coverage for full area live view & recording coverage, day or night, to your IC Realtime NVR or AVR. These "virtual reality" level recordings enable unique capabilities during playback, such as changing field of view to dynamically see everything in a scene - moving time forward, backward, slow motion, even frame-by-frame.

You won't miss a thing when this camera is watching. There is no such thing as "out of camera shot" because IPEL-F12F-IRW1 sees & records everything in its 360 degree field of view. This cutting-edge, 12MP Panoramic Network IR Fisheye Camera is a 21st-century video security tool. It's IC Realtime's best option for total situational awareness, and the only way to provide complete 360 degree, de-warpable scenes in live view or playback, providing multiple human perspective views of any part as needed for recording review or during real-time monitoring. Software-based de-warping resolves the "funhouse mirror" distorted fisheye view of the camera's native circular/panoramic output into natural, flat human eye views. Multiple de-warping modes are available when teamed with an IC Realtime AVR, NVR, or via the Web interface. Each de-warping mode offers options to adjust each scene, including zooming in, made possible since the camera's 12 Megapixel camera captures images at 4000x3000 resolution.

An unparalleled 360 degree video view & recording is just the beginning. IPEL-F12F-IRW1 offers a suite of AI support and IVS rules such as intrusion, tripwire, heat-mapping, and people counting.

Smart IR technology adjusts the intensity of the camera's multiple built-in night vision infrared LEDs to compensate for object distance to prevent image flare-up from "whitening out" images as they come closer to the camera. The camera's integrated infrared illuminators provide high performance in extreme low-light environments up to 10m (33ft). To meet the camera's extreme resolution IP bandwidth challenge, IC Realtime uses comparably advanced 21st century video encoding. HEVC(H.265)H.265 ITU-T VCEG encoding technology dynamically manages the relationship between the code stream, encoding quality, and algorithm complexity to improve compression efficiency and error recovery - all performed simultaneously in real-time to reduce video decoding delay.

Although the camera's capabilities are futuristic, IC Realtime builds cameras for today's real world. We know that no matter how good our camera is, no environment is perfect. So along with cutting edge video technology, IC Realtime built this camera with IP67 weather rating, IK10 vandal resistance, and 6KV lightning rating, and with a wide operating voltage tolerance of ±25% nominal input voltage to operate even in the most unstable conditions or outdoor applications with effective environmental protection.

In areas where everything matters, see & record everything. If you want the best all-around view of any area, there is only one all-around best 360 degree AI camera to install, IC Realtime's IPEL-F12F-IRW1.

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