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Our next generation IPEL-E80F-IRB3 4K Starlight AI eyeball camera in Factory Black - and its color-matched mounting accessories - make your next nightclub, restaurant, or black ceiling retail installation fast, 4K, and spraypaint-free. This tough, future-proof compact 8MP POE camera brings 4K low-light video/audio overwatch & “next level” AI metadata detection to meet every video security need.

IPEL-E80F uses an 8MP / 4K Starlight video chip that sees full-color video down to 0.007 Lux. In total darkness, dual SmartIR LEDs light up 95+ft into the camera’s 107° field of view for ultra-clear grayscale video. The IPEL-E80F also provides audio pickup with a built-in microphone. Intrusion & tripwire functions are AI-enhanced and enable the IPEL-E80F to dependably detect humans and vehicles and react to defined IVS "tripwire" rules with 95% accuracy.

This indoor/outdoor 4K camera’s Factory Black finish and compact design offer the low visibility & damage resistance of a dome, with the easy base installation & scene framing of a bullet camera. Beyond its discrete low observability, the IRW3 version brings our latest camera-based iMD 2.0 AI metadata scene extraction. The camera’s AI scans every frame and detected object datasets are encoded & streamed, too. When recorded on an IC Realtime AI NVR with Object Search, this recorded metadata powers our super easy onscreen “select & find” Object Search. One selection & click scans all the NVR’s iMD 2.0 camera channels to find & display all matches for your review. One click = All channels scanned.

The camera’s 4K UHD resolution and its Starlight chip's low light color bring the pixel density & edge detection needed to capture the finest details, so it’s compatible today & ready for future systems upgrades. IPEL-E80F’s three customizable output streams reach up to a full 4K and down to whatever mix of frame rate & resolution is needed to match network limits, set VMS streams, and fit the needs of older NVRs. Its stream management Ai can compress them into multiple H.264, H.265 formats, and its Smart H.265+ can reduce storage space by up to 70% over standard H.265 on compatible IC Realtime NVRs.

IC Realtime's sleek Factory Black IPEL-E80F-IRB3 4K eyeball dome is IP67 weather-rated and can use 12VDC power where 7.6w of PoE isn't available, and supports a 256Gb MSD card for onboard video storage. This little eyeball dome isn’t just physically tough. It’s protected from cyber threats by multiple layers of authorizations & password protections. All network traffic is encrypted in both directions, so our gear now meets the newest network standards.

If you need an easy mount, dependable 4K eyeball dome camera in black with ultra-flexible output streams, multiple screwdriver-fit, color-matched mounting accessories, the industry’s longest warranty, and cutting-edge Ai detection features, you need IC Realtime’s new IPEL-E80F-IRB3.

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