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The new IPEL-DL(Dual Lens) 80F-IRW1 is the latest & even more intelligent and secure version of our popular two-camera IPEL-M40F-IRW1, now upgraded with dual independent 4MP 2560(H) × 1440(V) camera lens in a single casing, powered & served by a single network & POE cable. A single DL80F location with both camera heads adjusted correctly achieves a panoramic view of locations indoors or outdoors, night or day, and gets area audio simultaneously for total situational awareness.

2 INDEPENDENT CAMERAS, 1 HOUSING, 1 CABLE If you need to cover two Fields Of View from one location - say in a 90° school hall corner, or outside to cover a personnel entrance and a cargo loading door? This camera can do that with a single installation site using one POE network cable. Imagine one garage camera that can see down the driveway and look down at the door or see down 2 sides of a structure mounted on a building corner’s eave or both ways down a warehouse aisle from a central point. Depending on coverage requirements, you could conceivably cut your camera installation time in half, with every camera FOV you need to be covered by half the camera installation sites. Like covering 2 register lines on a store ceiling drop mount using a single DL80F and a custom-fit MNT-ADAPT-SM with MNT-CEILING-30 and MNT-POLEXT- 30 drop pole & extensions to fit the distance. 


Both of the cameras in the new DL80F are top-of-the-line Starlight cameras, each with 95 ft. of their own camera-controlled SmartIRs. Each has an independent 2.8mm lens with a 95°W x 52°H Field of View. That gives them a combined 190° view angle. This means the lenses can be adjusted to cover a huge area from a single location. Built for easy mounting & installation adaptation, DL80F hangs directly on an electrical gang box with MNT-GB-PLATE 1 or standing off a wall using the custom-fit MNT-JUNCTION BOX 7 or horizontally with a “porchlight-style” MNT-IPMINIDOMEWALL. 


The DL80F doesn’t stop with 2 cameras worth of “Dual QuadHD” 4MP Starlight Color video. It has both a built-in mic for camera-site audio pickup and a set of RCA jacks for audio I/O from external sources like access control plates and remote intercom panels. Each camera head also has its own set of alarm I/O, so each camera’s alarm interface characteristics can be independently set up. So if your location needs coverage on 2 distinct FOV that can both be seen from a single point, you can drill one set of holes and do one cable drop and get ‘em both in one shot.

As you would expect from IC Realtime, not only does the IPEL-DL80F-IRW1 stream dual 4MP Starlight fields of extraordinary video & audio from a single location, all that image information is analyzed with one or the most complete sets of FlexSmartAi™ video tools we’ve ever built into a camera - TIMES TWO! Since each camera is independent, we jammed brains into both so the DL80F is the “Video Beast with Two Brains” - for real. There are literally too many AI-enhanced video detection, IVS / IMD tripwire, and business intelligence skills to list, but take a look at the IPEL-DL80F-IRW1’s spec sheet - they include; abandoned & missing object detection, loitering/crowd & parking detection, face detection & people counting. And being part of the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem, all of these interfaces & work hand in hand with recorder & cloud-based storage to form the world’s most complete & sophisticated video & audio overwatch system. The more you think about efficiently deploying a sophisticated & intelligent camera system, the more sense IC Realtime’s new IPEL-DL80F-IRW1 makes. State-of-the-art 4MP video & audio - x 2 - at every installation location with one CAT5/6 cable drop and half the installation time per camera view. Add in the deep & wide FlexSmartAi independent implementation on each camera, our 10 Year Limited Warranty, and IC Realtime’s free system design service that can show you the best locations to use them on your next installation, and it just makes sense to consider the new dual-camera IPEL-DL80F-IRW1 as one of your new go-to IP cameras. 

Made In South Korea And Conforms To The Trade Agreements Act (TAA)

*Note: Being a multi-channel camera, this device is not recommended to be plugged into an IC Realtime NVR built-in POE switch.

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