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How does IC Realtime improve on the 24/7 Night Color perfection of its IPMX Max series dome camera? By adding advanced AI motion detection skill sets and a 2.7-12MM power zoom lens for perfect image framing from any mounting point. Introducing the IPEL-D40V-W1-LED, our newest AI-enhanced, 24/7 Color power zoom dome camera that moves 24/7 night Color into our Elite Series camera series. 

We humans naturally see colors, so it’s easy to forget how much color makes the details clear to the human eye. With security cameras, seeing color details under any lighting conditions - even at night - is crucial, so our new IPEL-D40V-W1-LED uses its full spectrum LED illuminator to stream those color details even in near total darkness down to an unbelievably low 0.0005 lux - the ambient light outside on a moonless night - using its wide aperture lens and astonishingly sensitive 4MP Starlight video chipset. 

The IPEL-D40V-W1-LED takes this great  24/7 color imaging combo to the next level by adding a 2/7-12MM power zoom telephoto lens in front of the sensor that enables a zoom-variable 48° to 115° Field of View. This opens up camera position possibilities that fixed lens cameras can’t handle, like building-mounted cameras being able to get tight shots of a distant gate, or ceiling beam-mounted warehouse cameras delivering tight shots of a loading area from the top of a high bay where they are nearly invisible and impossible to vandalize. 

It’s fair to say one of the most useful uses of Artificial Intelligence in security is its unwavering attention to discerning every detail & motion in every video frame a security camera streams, an attention feat even the most motivated humans find difficult. With the IPEL-D40V-W1-LED, our AI-enhanced Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) system is without peer for customizable and accurate detection skills that extend from reducing false alerts by 95% to telling the difference between human intrusions and a possum crossing the field of view. AI also adds a whole new level of smarts to our already epic Intelligent Video System that delivers things like detecting Missing/Abandoned objects and business intelligence skills like people counting. And - when the IPEL-D40V-W1-LED is attached to one of our AI-enabled NVRs - it adds metadata tags for intelligent searches and footage merging to create incident videos. 

Of course, as an IC Realtime Elite Series camera, IPEL-D40V-W1-LED has all the other things a professional camera integrator needs built in, like both audio & alarm I/O leads on the pigtail with the RJ-45 jack, a built-in speaker & mic, IK10 vandal & IP67 weather resistant dome & metal case, wide 22°to +140F temperature operating range and the best 10 Year Limited Warranty in the business. And like all IC Realtime pro-level IP cameras, it can be powered with POE or 12VDC where POE isn’t practical.  The camera also supports ePOE for compatibility with long distance cable rune.

For nearly 2 decades, video security professionals have known that when dependability and state-of-the-art performance is the job spec, IC Realtime is the go-to provider. With the introduction of the IPEL-D40V-W1-LED, when a 4MP varifocal, vandal-resistant IP dome is the job requirement, camera integrators now have one of the world’s smartest 24/7 color cameras available, in U.S. stock at both east & west coast warehouses and shipping same day. 

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