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IC Realtime’s new IPEL-B40V-W1-LED is one more leap forward in our long line of rock-solid bullet cameras. IC Realtime IP bullets have always delivered state-of-the-art performance and dependability our camera integrators expect, covered by the industry’s longest warranty.  This new 4MP metal-cased, mid-sized 24/7 color power zoom bullet delivers not only the industry’s best video, it has RCA audio & alarm I/O and even a speaker/mic combo for 2 way talk.  

Although tube-shaped bullet cameras originated from the need to house & protect long round lenses and old camera sensor tubes, the “bullet” shaped camera housing quickly became the visible symbol of high security worldwide, visibly saying “there’s no sneaking up on us here.” Even non-working “dummy” cameras delivered the message - in any language. 

Our new IPEL-B40V-W1-LED is the latest generation of IP bullet designed to be a visible deterrent indoors or easily installed outdoors with IP67 water ingress protection. The camera’s integrated metal base pivots & rotates to accommodate any mounting situation, and we have matching junction boxes & mount options in stock.

An IP POE bullet camera that’s all bark and no bite is not up to IC Realtime standards, so we packed this bullet camera with all the best stuff. Image precision starts with the lens, and the “V” in IPEL-B40V-W1-LED means Varifocal - this camera sports a 2.7mm-12mm power zoom autofocus lens that delivers a zoom-variable 48°-115° field of view projected on its 4MP 1 ⅛” ultra-starlight video chipset that detects color down to 0.0005 lux - think outside on a moonless night. This color performance is empowered by the camera’s 4 Full Spectrum LEDs that combine with the Starlight sensor chip to let it see in color up to 225+ feet at night. Based on the lens zoom settings., these sophisticated LEDs can even intelligently adjust their power levels for perfect video details.

With each video frame optimized they then get individually & collectively scanned by  IPEL-B40V-W1-LED’s built-in Ai for detections that match your customized settings and alert you while marking the recorded video timeline and adding metadata tags where appropriate. The system can recognize humans and vehicles and ignore windblown leaves or debris to reduce false alerts by 95%. Perimeter Protection & business intelligence skills are also AI-enhanced and can alert for time-dependent parameters like Missing/Abandoned objects like luggage at airports or “last pallet” warehouse space alerts. 

And that’s just the camera - when IPEL-B40V-W1-LED is installed on one of IC Realtime’s AI-enabled NVRs, the camera’s metadata is recorded along with the video for intelligent searches and to assemble incident video clip merges. For public spaces like restaurants, retail checkout lanes, and retailers, the camera’s business intelligence skills like heat (crowd) mapping, lunch rush line monitoring and people counting are just a menu click away to set up. IPEL-B40V-W1-LED is IP67 weather resistant, has a built-in speaker & mic, and both alarm & audio  I/O ports alongside on the pigtail next to the RJ-45 /POE camera jack, for easy hookup, or it can be powered with 12VDC if installed on a non-POE switch. 

IC Realtime’s authorized dealers & distributors love us because we don’t offer every variation of every random vendor’s cameras & recorders. We save our camera integrators time, effort & compatibility worry because we’ve already built the best features into the industry’s most dependable & longest warranty IP & coax video security cameras and recorders - in U.S. stock, shipped same day and covered by our legendary iCare customer service and the industry’s longest warranties. Bottom line: if you're an industry pro that needs the best mid-sized 24/7 color IP POE bullet camera sold today, you need IC Realtime’s new IPEL-B40V-W1-LED.

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