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For many years, License Plate Reader (LPR) security cameras were only available to law enforcement personnel, but in recent years recording the plates of motor vehicles entering and exiting any secured facility became an accepted norm. Now IC Realtime's IPEL-B20V-LPR puts that capability within reach for every IP video security system. IPEL-B20V-LPR is IC Realtime's next generation of dedicated license plate recognition (LPR) cameras. This mid-size IP67 weather-resistant commercial-grade IP bullet camera is designed from the ground up for a single purpose: state-of-the-art license plate character & vehicle information capture in any lighting conditions. This new camera is made In South Korea, so it conforms to all U.S. Trade Agreements Act (TAA) requirements and is now in stock & available for shipping. 

IPEL-B20V-LPR is equipped with a specialized 0.002 lux 1.8” CMOS image sensor, coupled to a 10-50mm power zoom lens backed up by 95+ feet of 850nm illuminators and edge-enhancement technology, all explicitly engineered for character recognition to accommodate various license plate designs and reflective coatings. This camera's illuminators, sensor/lens combo and dedicated image management systems enable this license plate camera to clearly distinguish characters on the plate under any lighting day or night. 

The B20V-LPR has a specially dedicated processor designed for license plate recognition cameras, allowing it to instantaneously adapt to motor vehicle speeds, angle, distance and ambient lighting from bright sunlight to 0 lux low light scenarios. This dedicated recognition system can display, displaying & recording detailed vehicle information 24/7 and its dedicated AI employs an Intelligent deep learning algorithm that makes it capable of seeing not just the plate information, but discerning vehicle plate info and vehicle color. and it works with our ANPR supported NVRs for a vehicle search in recorded footage. This information is displayed in a dedicated OSD bar with a capture rate ≥99%and a vehiclerecognition rate ≥95%. It captures vehicle metadata and even uses an intelligent frame tracking system that can display vehicle characteristics, plate information and even a vehicle’s path.

When correctly positioned & installed, this license plate camera can recognize plate information within a 26 to 98 ft. distance range and up to 35 MPH. Coupled with a motorized lens and rapid auto-focusing technology, IPEL-B20V-LPR compensates for challenging lighting conditions and effectively captures plate information in the rear or front of a vehicle, while its internal high-performance CPU analyzes & records information about all vehicles in real-time. The detected plate can be compared to an internal whitelist/blacklist database and is noted for later search inquiries, trigger alarm outputs or barrier entry. This LPR camera is designed to work with our IC Realtime Elite Series NVRs (and NVR-FX24) for License plate search and event extraction.

With ports ranging for audio & alarm I/O to a specialized relay circuit to interface with external barrier & trigger devices, the B20V-LPR could be the ideal vehicle recognition enhancement for your video security system. The camera ships with a dedicated mount arm attached, optimized for post/pillar and eave/overhead mounting at toll booths, guard posts & building gates, and runs on POE or local 12VDC or 24VAC power. 

Big businesses, law enforcement, gated communities, schools and government entities of all kinds have experienced the added security that license plate recognition technology brings to their areas of responsibility. Some local law enforcement agencies are even creating pools of LPR cameras in their jurisdictions to combat crime. Where criminals think getting in their car & speeding away is helping elude justice, LPR turns the tables on them and, in fact, helps catch them. If you have been considering adding this extraordinary security dimension to your video security system, wait no longer. IC Realtime’s IPEL-B20V-LPR is the ideal AI-enhanced LPR camera you have been waiting for. 

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