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IC Realtime is proud to introduce IPEL-B12V-IRW2, the newest FlexSmartAi version of our 4K UHD ultra high resolution, 12 mp bullet-style power zoom network camera. This amazing new bullet camera has the extreme 4000 × 3000 pixel video resolution, power zoom lens, and built-in FlexSmartAi capabilities that make it the most advanced IP bullet camera we have ever produced.

No larger than a standard full-size bullet camera, B12V has an integrated IP67 weatherproof mount box base to protect its interface & power connections. The B12V's 2.7mm-12mm power zoom lens is remotely controllable using on-screen controls (PC & Mac) or iOS / Android app controls.

Beyond just delivering an incredible 4K UHD video stream, IC Realtime's new B12V uses its massive 12 million pixel density to work hand in hand with our FlexSmartAi system to endow the B12V the most extensive face & vehicle detection & perimeter protection capabilities we have ever offered.
Combined with its 12 megapixel 4k UHD resolution, 2.7mm to 12mm power zoom lens, and its built-in FlexSmartAi capabilities, the B12V is the best available security tool for single-camera area coverage.
This combination of ultra high resolution and power zoom capabilities provides wide-range Fields Of View FOV). Depending on the zoom setting, B12V provides FOV of 103° to 44° horizontal, 75° to 33° vertical, and 135° to 55° diagonal.

It's hard to imagine a better security camera than IC Realtime's B12V for a lobby or other large public spaces. For people counting or facial recognition, in driveways, parking lots, or security gates, the B12V's tripwire and vehicle detection skills are hard to match. The B12V's 4k UHD resolution and zoom lens enable amazing DORI (Detect, Observe, Recognize & Identify) ranges with telephoto facial ID out to over 65 feet.
On a gate or driveway entrance area, the B12V is an access control manager's dream come true. B12V's ultra high resolution, low light 0.01 lux capabilities, and 195 ft. of SmartIR illumination work with its FlexSamertAi detection capabilities for a DORI vehicle recognition range of over 130 ft.


Algorithm-based deep learning in the FlexSmartAi system endows the B12V with advanced tripwire & perimeter protection, increasing detection while reducing false alarms. It provides business intelligence features like people counting, loitering, parking violations, and multiple alarm/alert capabilities like missing or abandoned object and intrusion alerts. The B12V can even directly generate reports based on chosen date range parameters.For video forensics, the resolution and the B12V's built-in FlexSmartAi capabilities almost defy belief. Its high precision 12 megapixel (4000 × 3000 pixels) 4k UHD video resolution means every detail & characteristic of a target that can be discerned is recorded and available for meta-tagging and analysis.The B12V itself has the built-in capability to recognize & register both human and vehicle intrusions. For humans, that means every metadata point it can identify - like if the person was carrying a backpack or umbrella, wearing a mask, even their facial expressions if they were not. The B12V's extreme resolution simultaneously vastly enhances any recorder based facial recognition & enables more accurate "stranger alert" functions.

Beyond the camera's ultra high resolution & FlexSmartAi capabilities, the B12V's physical design benefits from IC Realtime's decades of real-world installation experience.
The camera design includes an integrated junction box base that encloses, protects & simplifies all external power & interface connections. Inside there are audio in & out, 3 alarm in & 2 alarm out ports, an analog video port, and the camera's RJ-45 (10/100/1000 Base-T) network jack.

The B12V's comprehensive input power capabilities include POE+(802.3at - less than 20w) for one cable installation or 24VAC / 12VDC local power where PoE+ isn't available. For job spec & code compliance, the B12V is UL listed (UL/CUL # UL60950-1). There is a built-in SD card slot (256mb) for local video storage, and the B12V even has a 12VDC output port for local external power needs.

B12V is packed with other advanced capabilities such as; five network streams, a complete FlexSmartAi assisted auto exposure suite (SmartIR, Digital WDR, 3D video noise reduction), Ai assisted H.265+ lossless video stream compression, and broad video standard compatibility including ONVIF (Profile S/Profile G/Profile T), P2P and CGI. But words are not enough to describe video quality that is this good and features this advanced.
With B12V's incredible 12-megapixel 4k UHD video quality, only seeing is believing.

If you are ready to personally experience B12V's ultra-high-resolution performance, intelligent installation-ready design, and the camera's FlexSmartAi capabilities, then gather your crew 7 call your Factory Product Specialst rep and schedule a no-obligation, live online demonstration at your convenience.

Discover how IC Realtime's IPEL-B12V-IRW2 - and every product in the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem - can help you win your next security camera job. Call your IC Realtime distributor, reach out to your IC Realtime factory rep toll-free at (866) 997-9009, or become a registered IC Realtime dealer to access IPEL-B12V-IRW2 and everything IC Realtime via your Dealer Portal or ICR Companion app.

See the complete IC Realtime Video Ecosystem of advanced video security equipment, including our new IPEL-B12V-IRW2, at https://store.icrealtime.com/.

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