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Over the past decades, 16 channel coax-based DVRs were the mainstay of larger analog security camera systems.  These workhorse units were installed in government and education system locations and used in casinos, retail & business locations worldwide, either as a single stand-alone recorder or racked & stacked to achieve massive BNC camera systems with multiple CPUs and numerous hard drives for distributed video processing & storage. But no matter how advanced these 16 channel DVRs were, they were limited to 16 direct-connect cameras.

Now IC Realtime has changed that with our HDVR-MX1616-1U4K-AI2 - a single HDVR with 16 direct and 16 available IP network channels. The MX1616 can not only directly replace a legacy 16 channel analog or HD Over Coax DVR - automatically matching legacy camera video formats to record AVS/AHD/TVI/CVI and even analog (CVBS) inputs - the HDVR-MX1616 can provide monitoring & recording storage for up to 16 additional IP cameras, essentially doubling the HDVR’s camera inputs for a total of 32 recordable video channels. MX1616 also has dual internal SATA-III hard drive ports for up to 20TB internal storage, broad interoperability with third-party cameras and Onvif 16.12 & CGI compliance.

Not only does the MX1616 double its recordable channels from 16 to 32, but each channel can also be customized for frame rate & up to 8MP / 4K resolution, and the new 16:9 widescreen format our latest 5MP HD-AVS series cameras provide. This incredible 3840 × 2160 pixel clarity is not only astonishing to view when live-streamed or played back using the MX1616's HDMI port, it also means better & more accurate color, edge, and detail rendition for MX1616's AI to analyze. This clarity is also indispensable for forensic review and for creating indisputable video evidence clips. To accommodate local security monitors, the MX1616 also outputs through a back panel VGA & even a TV RCA jack for legacy security monitor systems.

MX1616 doesn't just process & record ultra-clear 4K UHD video & audio inputs, with FlexSmartAi detection & analysis built-in, the HDVR applies the world's most advanced human & vehicle detection systems to reduce false detection alerts by 90% over conventional motion detection. MX1616 enables Face Recognition on any 6 of it's 16 BNC channels at up to 12 faces per second using its internal 20,000 face database and can issue a "stranger" alert if a face isn't recognized, triggering a programmable alert ranging from a discrete snapshot email to an alert buzzer.

AI-enhanced motion detection (IMD) can be enabled on all 16 direct input BNC channels, or  AI-based human & vehicle intrusion & programmable tripwire perimeter protection available on up to 6 of the 16 BNC channels. Applying the MX1616 AI's algorithmic precision to video detection makes a huge qualitative difference in detection accuracy, virtually eliminating false alarms while intrusions are more readily detected and quantified. And the system tags human & vehicle detections when recording them, so you can save time when reviewing footage and find what you need quickly.

IC Realtime continues to support advances in BNC video systems because - like our camera integrators & dealers - we live & work in the real world where coax camera systems are still a vital part of our industry. In that spirit, we have taken the logical steps of making our BNC/coax-based recorders able to accommodate IP network cameras, utilize AI-enhanced detection & perimeter protection, added onboard face recognition, and empowered 4K end-to-end video & audio recording. With a 10 Year limited warranty and lifetime tech support, IC Realtime's new HDVR-MX1616-1U4K-AI2 is now clearly the best 16 channel DVR in the coax camera business.

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