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Although industry experts have long predicted the end of coax-based camera systems, at IC Realtime we believe the huge installed base of coax cable systems & power systems means coax-based camera systems will be around for a long time. So we’ve doubled down on our HDAVS product line of advanced HD over coax digital video recorders and cameras. The latest addition is the next generation of our FlexSmartAi coax recorders the HDVR-MX1608-AI2. This coax powerhouse is on another level, starting with massive 128Mbs of video processing power, MX1608-AI2 adds 50% more video channels to its 16 direct-connect BNC capacity with the flexibility to record 8 network cameras, a 20TB max HDD capacity (2x10TB HDDs) and is capable of 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) HDMI output for complete compatibility with the newest 4K monitors.  

Not only are the MX series FlexSmartAi HDVRs the modern version of HDAVS coax recorders built to be solid, dependable commercial-grade security tools, IC Realtime also gave them 21st-century tech like built-in facial recognition, "one wire" video+audio+control over coax, 4K capable HDMI UHD output and easy "plug & play" installation with camera format auto-matching that senses & accommodates legacy coax camera technology.

HDVR-MX1608-AI2 's built-in FlexSmartAi system enables advanced Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) perimeter monitoring. IMD uses a deep-learning algorithm for dependable human & vehicle motion detection and accurate programmable IVS/tripwire performance, generating 90% fewer false alarms. The advanced IMD algorithm analyzes motion and ignores random "pixel change" movements, like animal activity or leaves in the wind, but dependably recognizes people and vehicle shapes, sending alerts only when human or vehicle motion. You can even set any channel to use programmable tripwire/perimeter intrusion detection boundaries that send alerts when crossed - ideal for doors & loading docks.

For 21st-century video security in even the most sensitive locations, HDVR-MX1608-AI2 delivers Real-Time Face Recognition or perimeter Protection on any one of its 16 BNC channels when set to AI mode. Once set for AI recognition, discerned & tagged facial features include gender, age, expression, glasses, mustache, and mouth/mask detection. HDVR-MX1608-AI2 can capture & record faces with metadata tags for up to 20,000 face images in up to 10 internally stored facial recognition databases to allow AI-assisted searches during recording reviews. Each database face record can be updated with name, gender, birthday, address, or certificate types/numbers, to identify individuals in the database and can issue a "STRANGER" when an unknown face is detected and be set to alert if a scanned face is not found or identify a problem visitor with silent or audible alerts.

IC Realtime's MX-AVR series recorders are "Pentabrid" class - meaning they auto-recognize & record all coax security video formats for easy "plug-n-play" camera installations. Their direct-connection rear coax camera ports auto-detect & switch to support AVS/HDCVI/AHD/TVI format HD over coax cameras up to 5MP resolution or even our new 16:9 widescreen AVS cameras. FlexSmartAi MX-HDVRs are so 21st century that they even accommodate old standard analog cameras under their CVBS (Composite Video Baseband Signal) settings. This auto-adaptation capability enables quick & easy camera system upgrades even in mixed camera format coax systems.

When paired with IC Realtime's HD-AVS cameras, say goodbye to extra camera control or audio transmission wires. IC Realtime's HD-AVS system "piggy-backs" HD video, audio & camera control functions together on a single BNC camera cable. This means both easy installation & complete camera control of compatible HD-AVS cameras with no additional wiring. For complete adaptability with existing systems, the HDVR-MX1608-AI2 includes a rear RS-485 control port that can be enabled through HDVR's on-screen channel control panel to run older analog cameras & PTZs.

As you would expect, MX1608-AI2 has the 16 direct-connect BNC channel inputs on the recorder’s backplane but that’s just the beginning. HDVR-MX1608-AI2 has the additional capacity to record a total of 24 video channels - 16 direct BNC + 8 IP camera channels through its network port. And any of the 16 BNC channels can also be switched to record IP camera inputs to handle future camera upgrades. So although a nominal 16-channel coax recorder, the HDVR-MX1608-AI2 actually delivers 8 additional channels that can record & display live video from 8 additional network IP cameras up to 6MP resolution using its rear network port for a total of 24 channels. 

With HDVR-MX1608-AI2 , video signal range is no longer an issue for large-scale coax & Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)  installations. The MX-AVR series coaxial video system supports super long-distance transmission over both coax cable and UTP for flexible & economical video wiring. HDVR-MX1608-AI2  delivers coax video ranges up to 2,200+ feet (700m) for 4K/4MP, and over 2,600 feet (800m) for 1080P so large area / long run coax or UTP installations are no problem.

Add in IC Realtime’s 10-year Limited Warranty, iCare customer support, and U.S.-based technical support, the new HDVR-MX1608-AI2 is the best choice for your next coax cable-based installation hands down. This 16-channel coax recorder is really a 24-channel recorder that also brings whatever coax camera system it's attached to into the 21st century, on time & in-budget - and with 4k output resolution to match the latest HDMI monitors. If you're looking for the best video 16-channel security recorder for new or existing 16 channel BNC/coax-based camera systems - with the added benefit of 8 extra "bonus" IP channels and 4K HDMI video output - IC Realtime's HDVR-MX1608-1U5MP-AI2 delivers.

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