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When digital video security first evolved, 8 channel Coax/BNC DVRs were the default choice for residential and small to medium-size businesses. Camera integrators realized 8 channel units were the ideal answer for cost-effective video coverage with the ideal number of video channels for these situations. When audio monitoring, two-way talk capabilities, and alarm contacts became available on coax, 8-channel recorders were also adopted by many access/entry control and alarm companies. Today, security professionals know that eight-channel coax recorders with audio & alarm contacts are still the most cost-efficient & flexible video coverage choice for many locations.

Understanding the importance of 8-channel coax recorders for our video security partners, IC Realtime has just updated the current MX-0808 version to the AI3 with a new processor, updated cybersecurity, upgraded 8MP/4K & ONVIF 21.12 camera compatibility & even better AI face recognition.  HDVR-MX0808-1U4K-AI3 maintains the previous version’s Perimeter Protection, IVS & IMD capabilities on up to 8 channels, making HDVR-MX0808-1U4K-AI3 the best eight-channel coax HDVR we have ever offered. This new HDVR is 100% 4K capable from camera inputs thru recording to HDMI output. Beyond bringing beautiful Ultra High Definition (UHD) video to the HD Over Coax world, the MX0808 also uses our most advanced FlexSmartAi systems for human & vehicle detection, advanced perimeter protection, and face recognition with an internal 20,000 face database. MX0808 also has 8 alarm inputs and 3 alarm relay outputs for easy integration with security systems. Of course, the new MX0808 also has all the professional features expected from IC Realtime, including updated 21.12 Onvif camera & CGI compliance and dual SATA-III hard drive ports for up to 20TB internal storage.

The new MX0808 relieves the stress of matching legacy camera video formats by automatically switching BNC video inputs to record AVS/AHD/TVI/CVI and even analog (CVBS) camera inputs. Having this nearly universal format matching capacity makes BNC system DVR retrofits or upgrades as close to plug & play easy as you can get. And to make our new MX0808 even more future-proof, this HDVR not only adapts to & records 8 direct BNC cameras, but it can also record 8 additional IP network cameras up to 8MP resolution using its network port. The extra IP channels are perfect for accommodating thermal cameras, advanced IP-PTZs or even an IC Home Dinger wifi video doorbell and a Flooder floodlight InterCam™ - and you can switch all 16 channels to IP, effectively converting this 8-channel HDVR into a 16-channel Recorder! Now BNC and network IP cameras can be recorded on a single recorder.

While MX0808 can accommodate even the oldest analog cameras, it can also deliver the clarity that today's 4K's pixel-dense 3840 × 2160 video resolution and the 16:9 widescreen format our newest 5MP cameras enable. 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) detail rendition is appreciated nowhere more than surveillance video, and the new MX0808 delivers from 4K camera inputs to 4K recording & HDMI output. Video also simultaneously outputs to the HDVR's VGA port for local monitor use. Detection events in video recordings are metadata-indexed by MX0808's built-in AI for fast & easy review & retrieval.  

One of the most significant advantages of IC Realtime HDAVS cameras & HDVR recorders is that all signals - HD video, audio & camera control - run over the coax camera cable. There is an RS485 on the MX0808's back panel to run older PTZs, with HD-AVS cameras; no additional control or audio wires are required. Cameras with built-in mics and external audio inputs encode their audio over their coax line and are recorded with the camera's video signal. Built to accommodate existing analog audio pickups, the MX0808 also has 4 additional RCA audio inputs and an RCA audio/mic input for door & gate plate talk-back interactions.

8 channel BNC video recorders have come a long way from their early days. In the case of our new MX0808 - all the way to 4K and extra 8 IP network channels. If your camera installation is coax-cable based and needs the best 4K 8 channel DVR on the market today, IC Realtime's newly updated HDVR-MX0808-1U4K-AI3 is the perfect answer.

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