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Introducing the FlexSmartAi MX0804, IC Realtime's newest eight-channel, BNC/coax based 1080p Advanced Video Recorder (AVR).

If the spec for your next new or upgrade installation is an eight-channel, coax-based video security recorder, IC Realtime's MX0804 is the perfect Ai-assisted choice. 

As the newest member of the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem, the MX0804 is quite simply the most advanced, most flexible, most cost-effective eight-channel AVS-HD video recorder IC Realtime has ever made. 

Because eight-channel video recorders have been the backbone of the security camera business for the last few decades, the MX0804 is a big deal not  just for IC Realtime, it's also great news for our video security partners. 

The market has taught us that eight video channels are the perfect balance between cost and coverage. They just fit the bill perfectly on the majority of jobs. For small to medium-sized commercial and residential installations, eight video channels enable essential coverage for areas like the front & back doors, the loading dock or garage & driveway, with a couple of channels left over for the dog run, boat dock, pool area, or the walk-in freezer door. 

That "sweet spot" channel count is why millions of 8 channel video recorders have been installed since they became widely available in the 1970's.  IC Realtime alone has literally sold thousands of 8 channel video recorders over the years, so we understand how essential eight-channel recorders are to the video security professionals that depend on IC Realtime. 

So we carefully designed our new MX0804 to be the perfect next-generation AVR recorder answer for any eight-channel coax system. 

Not only is the MX0804 an advanced video recorder perfect for cost-conscious new installations. It also offers the newest video tech advantages like H.265 compression and Ai-assisted "smart" systems to quickly bring existing BNC/coax systems up to 21st century standards.

IC Realtime engineered-in the MX0804's Ai-assisted detection capabilities, full 1080p HD video resolution, HDMI and VGA simultaneous monitor output, along with upgraded video storage capacity for future-proof new coax-based installs, or to upgrade any current BNC/Coax video security system to 21st century standards.

Then we added more. 

IC Realtime's new MX0804 not only gives you eight direct BNC/coax HD camera channels but adds four additional network channels, to easily accommodate today's IP & wifi-based cameras, like our Dash video doorbells & yard light cameras.

Yes, with MX0804 you get eight direct BNC video channels + 4 IP video channels - so it's like ordering an 8 channel AVR & getting a 12 channel in the box! 

And while some may believe that BNC/coax video security systems are a thing of the past, at IC Realtime, we disagree. 

With millions of installed legacy systems, climbing network loads, budget pressures, and network security concerns, IC Realtime knows that our video security partners will continue to support BNC/coax systems. So we stand ready to deliver the most advanced tech, the best video resolutions, the best support, and the best & most flexible BNC/coax video security gear.

We all know that - like anything electronic - video recorders get outdated, and that any equipment that runs 24 / 7 / 365 will eventually wear out or become undependable and needs replacement. 

So IC Realtime carefully designed our new MX0804 as not only the ideal, cost-effective, coax-based eight-channel recorder for new systems but also the perfect BNC/coax camera system HD upgrade video recorder for existing BNC/coax security camera systems. 

Are you servicing a BNC-based camera site that needs to keep their current working BNC/Coax cameras online, but also needs to replace & upgrade their recorder? 

And wants to be the capability to replace old cameras with new HD cameras over time as they fail or as the budget allows?

Got a client with a "kinda working" but out of date BNC coax video security system that needs upgrading, but they don't see a compelling reason yet? 

Or that can't afford to have their business disrupted to tear out & re-wire the whole system to CAT 5/ 6 to add IP cameras?

No worries, that's where IC Realtime's MX-0804 fits the job perfectly.

First, all IC Realtime's FlexSmartAi recorders are "Penta-Brid," so they recognize all five coax video formats & adapt automatically to record & display them at their best resolution, bringing easy "plug-n-play" camera installation to coax camera systems.  

Each of MX-0804's 8 BNC camera ports will auto-detect & switch video translations to view & record AVS/HDCVI/AHD/TVI format HD cameras up to 5MP resolution, for quick & easy installs & upgrades even in camera systems with mixed camera formats. TheMX0804 even accommodates legacy non-HD standard resolution analog video cameras under their CVBS (Composite Video Baseband Signal) settings. 

Second, installing IC Realtime's MX0804 in your client's system lets you deliver IP camera compatibility and 50% more HD camera channel capacity right out of the box. MX0804 will display & record 8 direct connected BNC + 4 IP video feeds - that's 12 video channels - at full 1080p resolution. Adding up to 4 additional network IP cameras up to 6MP resolution locally, or even anywhere in the world, is a breeze.  

It's already clear the FlexSmartAi MX0804 is the perfect replacement for an older eight-channel BNC analog DVRs, but with four additional IP camera channels and an impressive set of advanced features, the MX0804 can be the core of new residential or commercial installations too. 

Everybody expects more from HD security video recorders here in the second decade of the 21st century, and the FlexSmartAi MX0804 delivers that extra value on all fronts. Not only does MX0804 punch above its weight on video channels and camera flexibility, but it's also a genuine, commercial-grade video security tool with seriously cutting-edge features. 

Being built by American video security powerhouse IC Realtime means the MX0804 comes from the factory equipped with advanced video security tech like built-in facial recognition with on-board facial image database, advanced IMD "tripwire" intrusion zones, and a suite of wide-ranging Ai-assisted capabilities that we call FlexSmartAi for short.

The MX0804's built-in FlexSmartAi system enables advanced Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) perimeter monitoring that uses a deep-learning algorithm for dependable IVS/tripwire performance and fewer false alarms. The IMD algorithm continually analyzes video motion, ignoring random "pixel change" movements like animal activity or leaves in the wind, but recognizing people and vehicle shapes, sending alarms only when human or vehicle intrusion is confirmed.

For security-sensitive locations, FlexSmartAi MX0804 delivers that security feature long dreamed of by security professionals, Real-Time Face Recognition. This feature and be set up on any two of MX0804's eight BNC channels to discern facial features including gender, age, expression, glasses, mustache, mouth/mask, and can capture & record faces with metadata tags for easy later retrieval & review. 

Up to 10,000 facial images can be stored in-unit within up to 10 built-in facial recognition databases. These facial records can be updated with name, gender, birthday, address, or certificate types/numbers, to identify individuals. Once set up for recognition, the MX0804's FlexSmartAi can issue a "STRANGER" alert if a scanned face isn't found in the database, to differentiate them from family members & employees.  

When paired with IC Realtime's HD-AVS cameras, the MX0804 lets you say goodbye to extra camera control or audio transmission wires. IC Realtime's HD-AVS system "piggy-backs" HD video, audio & camera control functions together on a single BNC camera cable for "one wire" easy installation & full control of compatible HD-AVS cameras. For existing systems, the MX0804 includes a rear panel RS-485 control port cameras that can be activated through MX0804's on-screen control panel to run older analog PTZs. 

Long cable runs are no problem either since MX-0804 supports long-distance 1080P signal transmission over both coax cable and Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) up to 800m (2,600+ feet) and up to 1200m (3,900+ feet) for 720p signals.

Higher resolution cameras mean more massive data streams, but no worries here either. IC Realtime's MX0804 supports high-resolution HD coax & IP video stream rates by incorporating a new AI-based compression. Working with our Smart H.265+ video codec that reduces bit rate up to 90% compared with standard H.264, this Ai based compression delivers up to 50% more hard drive storage with no image degradation, for faster streaming and more days recorded on each installed hard drive. 

All these advanced features also need to be easy to use, so of course, MX0804 works flawlessly with our free Android & iPhone (IoS) apps. Since the FlexSmartAi MX0804 is OnVif compatible, it also plays well with other video devices and really shines when accessed through our extraordinary (and completely free) PC & Mac based ICRSS central station software and - as part of the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem - works directly with the Dash line phone apps too.  

And speaking of IC Realtime's Video Ecosystem and our Dash series "personal reality" intercom cameras, system designers should consider installing a Dash Dinger video doorbell camera and a Dash Flooder Yard Light Intercom camera as 2 of the 4 network cameras in new systems or upgrades to really bring an MX0804 based system up to 21st century standards.  Once your MX0804 is online, download & install either of the apps, scan the unit's code in, and voila! 21st-century video security goodness at your fingertips. 

As part of the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem, our FlexSmartAi MX-AVR series represents the next generation of high speed, adaptable AI-enhanced coax video recorders. With the capability to add four extra network channels, cross-format BNC camera auto-switching, built-in facial recognition, and Ai-enhanced IVS rule detection capabilities, the MX0804 makes the perfect replacement for any outdated eight-channel analog DVR. 

If you're looking to bring your next eight-channel coax based video security job into the 21st century - on time & in-budget - IC Realtime's new FlexSmartAi MX0804 is the answer.  

See the complete IC Realtime Video Ecosystem of advanced video security equipment, including our new coax-based FlexSmartAi MX-AVR series HD-AVS video recorders and high-resolution HD-AVS cameras, at https://store.icrealtime.com/

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