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IC Realtime is proud to announce our new HDMX-D50V-IR-DP1, the first camera of our HDMX series cameras that brings a whole new 5MP level of adaptable video performance to the coax camera world. Fully compatible with existing HD over coax formats such as TVI, CVI, AHD and CVBS, the D50V is our first camera capable of 5MP in a native 16:9 HD format when used with our newest HDVR-MX recorders (requires the 5/21 build date HDVR firmware.) With HD/AVS 5MP 16:9 HD, IC Realtime brings complete compatibility and MP 16:9 HD resolution to the HD coax camera world

HDMX-D50V-IR-DP1 is our first camera in IC Realtime's new HDMX Series, a line of affordable HDAVS coax-based 5MP 16:9 HD capable video security cameras. The HDMX Series delivers spectacular & forensically detailed 5MP 16:9 HD video streams using installed or new coaxial cable infrastructure. Just another reason HDAVS is the best future-proof choice for both new coax cable camera installations and a flexible & practical upgrade path for coax-based legacy systems.

HDMX-D50V-IR-DP1 is also the first IC Realtime camera to utilize a newly designed UltraStarlight video sensor chip built with a native 16:9 video aspect and a 2880 x 1620 pixel field. And when we claim "UltraStarlight" we mean color down to 0.001 Lux!  To be clear - 1.00 lux is the light on a surface from a candle 39.37 inches away - and this video sensor can see IN COLOR at 1/1000th of that - that is without question incredible UltraStarlight performance.

Beyond D50V's UltraStarlight low light video superpowers and 5mp 16:9 HD capability, this is a hardened video security tool ready to handle even the most challenging environments with IK10 impact damage & vandal resistance and an indoor/outdoor compatible IP67weather rating. Inside its sturdy cast metal case, the D50V's power zoom 2.7 mm–13.5 mm motorized lens gives a zoom variable horizontal 31.4°–113° field of view for excellent DORI performance: D50V can achieve face identification at well over 65 feet at maximum zoom. In 0 lux complete darkness, D50V's SmartIR night vision kicks in to make sure you get those super-sharp images out to over 95 feet, while IC Realtime's 120dB of dynamic range and complete auto-exposure software suite squeezes every detail out of each video frame.

D50V's flexibility really kicks in when it is installed as a "future-proof" new or replacement coax camera in an existing system because all IC Realtime's HD/AVS cameras can work with both legacy HDAVS systems as well as easily be set to match AHD, CVI or TVI format recorders using a convenient DIP switch set on the camera's BNC/power pigtail. This flexibility extends to camera power with dual voltage capability to use existing camera power systems coupled with wide power variance tolerance - at 24VAC it's ±25% tolerance and ±10% at 12VDC to accommodate power blips and long-run voltage drops. This wide & flexible power compatibility is yet another reason why IC Realtime's HDAVS is a superior HD over coax upgrade path. It offers a widely adaptive camera power compatibility & video format matching at both the camera and recorder levels.

IC Realtime's HDAVS system was one of the first coax-based "One Wire" systems that brought IP-level unification of video, audio, camera control, and data interchange to coax systems.  With HD/AVS, the coax cable carries video, audio, and 2-way data that interacts with the HDAVS recorder to control camera features like zoom lenses or PTZs. The new D50V - and all our latest HDMX cameras - take that advanced coax video tech into a whole new realm by combining backward compatibility with legacy coax video systems and future proof 5MP 16:9 HD capacity in one camera series.

IC Realtime makes it easy to leverage existing coax cameras, cables, and power infrastructure during system upgrades. Video overwatch disruption is minimized or eliminated, and budgets for running new wires can instead be repurposed for HD & 5mp 16:9 HD camera & recorder upgrades. IC Realtime's newest HDVR-MX Series coax recorders and 5MP16:9 HD HDMX Series cameras make future-proof coax video upgrades affordable.

Our factory Product Specialists stand ready to help you & your clients customize their upgrade path & future-proof their coax camera systems. See the complete IC Realtime Video Ecosystem at https://store.icrealtime.com/or call a Factory Product Specialist at 866-997-9009 to find out more.

Note:For compatibility purposes, this camera may come default on 4MP/ 2MP resolution. When equipped with an appropriate HDVR, you can set the camera to the maximum resolution via the OSD interface.

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