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The HDMX-B50V-IR-DPM1 is the first bullet camera to join IC Realtime's new HDMX series of 5MP HDAVS coax cameras. The HDMX-B50V shares the camera series top-of-the-line features but encases them in a sturdy, IP67 weather-rated full metal bullet case & adjustable mounting arm/base system for easy installation and view positioning.

HDMX-B50V is capable of 5MP in a native 16:9 HD format when used with our newest MX1U4K HDAVS recorders (requires  5/21 AVR firmware). This advanced camera's engineering enables legacy video compatibility and 5MP 16:9 HD resolution selectable in an HD coax camera, making HDAVS clearly the most advanced coax camera line in the video security industry.

HDMX-B50V-IR-DPM1 utilizes our newest Starlight video sensor chip, built with a 2880 x 1620 pixel field that delivers color down to 0.001 Lux. This video sensor can see color at 1/1000th of the light on a surface from a candle 39.37 inches away.  In complete darkness, SmartIRs reach out over 260 ft. for unparalleled nighttime performance.

HDMX-B50V is backward compatible with existing 2MP and 4MP HDAVS and is also switchable to other HD over coax formats. Using a convenient DIP switch set on the camera's BNC/power pigtail, HDMX-B50V can quickly be set to match AHD, CVI or TVI or even analog (CVBS) format recorders for quick & easy camera replacements & upgrades.  

With IC Realtime's HD/AVS, the coax cable carries video, audio, and 2-way data that interacts with the HDAVS recorder to control camera features like zoom lenses or PTZs or even as alarm triggers. HDMX-B50V's power zoom 2.7 mm–13.5 mm motorized lens gives a zoom variable horizontal 31.4°–113° field of view for excellent D.O.R.I. performance. Dual voltage and wide power variance tolerance - at 24VAC it's ±25% tolerance and ±10% at 12VDC - means HDMX-B50V can use existing camera power systems.

The HDMX cameras are IC Realtime's first coax camera series to deliver spectacular & forensically detailed 5mp 16:9 HD video streams over coaxial cable. Combined with their video format switching, power zoom lenses, built-in audio mic, and stunning low light performance, IC Realtime's HDMX-B50V-IR-DPM1 is the ideal and future-proof bullet camera choice for both new & legacy coax cable video installations.

Note:For compatibility purposes, this camera may come default on 4MP/ 2MP resolution. When equipped with an appropriate HDVR, you can set the camera to the maximum resolution via the OSD interface.

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