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IC Realtime's newest HD/AVS camera is the new HDEL-P2032X-IRW1 - a wholly redesigned 32x Starlight PTZ replacement for our popular AVS-Z230-IR coax PTZ. Offering the same 1080p video performance, single-wire video/audio/control advantages as a RJ45 based IP system, but over coax and without the hassles of network configuration, the HDEL-P2032X is the ideal replacement for an outdated analog PTZ camera.  Is your client still using an outdated analog video recorder? No problem - the HDEL-P2032X can be set to output standard analog video (CVBS), and it will auto recognize & respond to standard Pelco P/D commands over its built-in RS-485 control lead when used in legacy analog systems. 

HD/AVS is a cost-effective and technically less complex option for new installations for cost-conscious clients and a stable, easily installed upgrade for any existing BNC wire-based video security system. IC Realtime's sophisticated HD/AVS video system streams 1080pHD video, audio, and camera control signals over coax for BNC-connected video systems. While HD/AVS renders the highest definition & features, the HDEL-P2032X can also adapt to AHD, TVI, CVI, and even standard analog (CVBS) outputs for maximum video compatibility. The HDEL-P2032X even has a direct audio input and 2 alarm-in and 1 alarm-out ports on the camera pigtail for easy installation access if required.

The HDEL-P2032X is the perfect "future-proof" replacement PTZ in an existing system. The versatile HDEL-P2032X not only works flawlessly with older video recorders and standard Pelco P/D RS485 controls, its full capabilities are ready to access when the system's analog recorder is upgraded to a new HD/AVS recorder.  One of the biggest advantages to an HD/AVS upgrade is that once HD/AVS commands are enabled using the on-screen menu at the recorder on the PTZ's video channel, the HDEL-P2032X's "one wire" camera control eliminates that extra RS485 PTZ control line completely. You have full PTZ control over the BNC video line, just like you would with an IP-based PTZ. True "Plug, Power & Play" installation - easy-peasy.

The advanced optical power zoom 4.5 mm–144 mm telephoto lens system on the HDEL-P2032X works with the camera's high-speed autofocusing system to achieve virtually instantaneous clarity at any magnification. No fine-tuning, no hassle - it just works perfectly every time. Behind the lens, the HDEL-P2032X utilizes the sophisticated STARVIS (Star Vision) low light chipset to hold color rendition down to an unbelievably low 0.005 Lux. In complete darkness, the camera's 490+ feet of IR illuminators take that level down to 0.0005 Lux - essentially banishing low light as a security video limitation.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is an essential feature for genuinely professional video imaging. WDR is an automated system for maintaining the tonal range & color differences in each frame for the ultimate in detectable detail in every lighting condition. Each video frame is analyzed & adjusted in real-time utilizing 3D video noise reduction for maximum clarity before adding it to the camera's video stream.

Intruders often watch PTZ cameras to see where they are pointing, but the HDEL-P2032X makes that almost impossible with its stealthy "black sphere" cam ball that makes the camera's aim point nearly impossible to determine, especially at night. The upper bell shroud provides additional sun and weather protection, and the compact camera ball & pivot shields tuck up inside the shroud for extra vandal resistance & weather protection.

Despite its electronic sophistication, the HDEL-P2032X is a tough, weatherproof professional security tool, with IP66 weather rating, TVS 6000V lightning protection, and inspector-pleasing UL62368-1+CAN/CSA C22.2, No. 62368-1 certification and FCC: Part15 subpart B, and ANSI C63.4-2014 ratings. The camera requires 24VAC @ 2.5 amps, and a matched AC power supply "brick" is included with the camera. A standard wall mount is included with the HDEL-P2032X, but multiple mounting options are available: ceiling mounts, parapet mounts, corner, pole mounts, small mount base junction boxes, and even a large direct door-mount weather-sealed junction box (MNT-BOX-2) for remote locations.

It's just a commercial reality - there are thousands of legacy BNC-based security camera systems installed nationwide. IC Realtime continues to support dealers called on to service & install BNC/coax systems with the industry’s most compatible & flexible technology. HDAVS is the ideal alternative to more complex IP-based systems, and. IC Realtime’s new HDEL-P2032X-IRW1 is a worthy successor to our dependable & best-selling AVS-Z230-IR. This new PTZ has faster and more accurate autofocusing, a better Starlight video chipset, better magnification & better video electronics. If your next job needs the best 1080P HD coax/BNC compatible PTZ camera in today's market, the new HDEL-P2032X-IRW1 is it.

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