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Dome security cameras represent the most vandal-resistant camera format in the industry due to their inherent "hard to grab" dome structure and "hard to damage" internal and protected camera mechanisms. IC Realtime's new 5MP HDEG-D50F-IR-M1 dome camera is not only our toughest 5MP Starlight coax dome; it’s a fixed 2.8mm medium wide-angle lens with a 132° AOV and Starlight darkness-defeating performance makes it one of our best and most cost-effective cameras ever.

This new camera makes squeezing 21st-century coax surveillance video technology in a less than 4.5" diameter dome look easy because HDEG-D50F-IR-M1 is one of IC Realtime's next generation of advanced coax/BNC cameras. Like all HDAVS coax cameras, HDEG-D50F-IR-M1 is not just legacy-compatible - it's also future-proof with multi-resolution output settings. This new HDAVS camera incorporates a built-in native 16:9 widescreen output capability that matches today's HD video screens for accurate pixel mapping and astonishingly great widescreen video when used with our latest HDVR MX-1U4K HDAVS recorders (requires 5/21 AVR firmware).

The best professional feature of any IC Realtime HDAVS camera or Pentabrid HDVR recorder is the system's comprehensive coax video format capability. Never again will you have to puzzle over what video format an existing system uses or what coax camera will work with which brand recorder. IC Realtime makes legacy coax-based upgrades and replacements easy since all HD-AVS cameras have switchable outputs. HD-CVI, TVI, AHD, and even analog (CVBS) formats are available with the flick of a switch to adapt to whatever coax recorder is on the head end.

HDAVS offers extreme HD performance without any rewiring or IP camera complexity for new coax camera and recorder installations. Easily leverage existing BNC/coax wiring and power systems by replacing existing BNC equipment with HDAVS gear for a cost-effective total HD system solution. Even if initially installed as a standard coax camera, HDEG-D50F-IR-M1 can be upgraded on-site by flipping a couple of switches to unlock the camera's built-in HD widescreen 16:9 format when replacing the system's legacy DVR with a new widescreen IC Realtime Pentabrid HDVR. That HDVR will also auto-adapt its BNC ports to support any remaining legacy cameras at the same time because IC Realtime's HDAVS delivers real-world format flexibility and upgrade capability.

HDEG-D50F-IR-M1's extraordinary 5MP 2880×1620 Starlight video chip is one of the most light-sensitive sensors we have ever used, streaming ultra-detailed 5MP @ 25FPS full color video down to 0.001 lux - that's 10x times darker than a moonless night! Inside a building at night or outside with shady areas, this 5MP coax dome camera reaches out with 95+ feet of SmartIR night vision enhanced with 120dB dynamic range and HLC-Pro, feeding IC Realtime's complete in-camera image management suite for flawless video streams even in total darkness.

The camera is UL and FCC certified and requires only 4.5W @ 12VDC power with a super-wide ±30% voltage tolerance, essential for long cable runs and older power systems. Many school systems, retail and commercial installations specify only IK10 damage resistant and IP67 weather-resistant dome cameras for good reasons. The HDEG-D50F-IR-M1 is all that and more, with its commercial-grade video mechanisms enclosed and protected from weather and it’s dome structure, they cannot be easily unmounted or damaged. In addition, the camera's darkened inner mechanism and thick acrylic dome make discerning the camera's aim direction and potential field of view almost impossible at any distance.

If your next job calls for a tough, flexible, and capable 5MP IR coax dome camera, covered by a 7 Year Limited Warranty, then it's clear our new HDEG-D50F-IR-M1 should be your first choice.

Note:For compatibility purposes, this camera may come default on 4MP/ 2MP resolution. When equipped with an appropriate HDVR, you can set the camera to the maximum resolution via the OSD interface.

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