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If you have been looking for the best wifi video doorbell camera to keep an eye on your personal reality, no worries - you have found it!  IC Realtime's Dash Dinger is the perfect wifi video doorbell. Dinger's advanced features make it the best wireless security camera for your porch or entryway.
With far better video streams, audio performance, and advanced features, DInger is not just another consumer-level low-res (webcam) wifi doorbell camera. Dash Dinger is a professional-grade, 1080p HD video security camera with a super wide-angle 1.8mm lens for a 140° field of view, carefully engineered to fit into an electronic doorbell.


Since we all have enough stress these days, Dash Dinger's instant phone notifications are based on advanced passive infrared "Human Detection" instead of just standard camera-based motion detection to prevent false alarms.
Dash Dinger also installs directly in place of your existing doorbell and has wide power adaptability to use existing 12-24V DC or 12/24V AC doorbell power wires. This means Dinger can be wired in - so think of it: Dash Dinger has no batteries worry about, recharge or replace - ever. Even if you have a consumer-grade video doorbell now, Dinger is the pro-level video doorbell upgrade you have been waiting for.

Unlike unsophisticated, first-generation, battery-powered doorbell cams, Dash Dinger meets IC Realtime's professional IP video camera standards so Dash Dinger can stream 1080p video to multiple recording destinations. Dinger is 100% compatible with IC Realtime's professional IP video standards for easy, secure home automation system integration.
Like all Dash family cameras, IC Realtime carefully engineered the Dash Dinger with the power of full 1080P HD video, so even small details are clearly defined. All Dash family security cameras are designed to fit comfortably inside your home & keep watch over your living spaces through your mobile device, your home NVR recorder, or even integrated through your home automation system.

You heard that right; the Dash Dinger can stream 1080p video to an on-site or remote IC Realtime Network Video Recorder for an unlimited record time, AND onto its built-in SD card slot for up to 5 hours of in-device stored video, AND Dinger's video footage can also be stored on our super-affordable DASH cloud service for untouchable remote recording with secure and encrypted video, enabling off-site video retention for up to 30 days that even stores previous alert for your review.

More good news - Dash Dinger won't have to do it alone because it is part of an extended family we call the ICRT video ecosystem. So Dinger - like all Dash products - is compatible with all IC Realtime recording systems and remote apps.
Because Dash Dinger works with our professional ICRSS Central Control Station, IC Realtime's professional video management software suite that is FREE to download for PC or Mac, even a mix of Dash and other IP cameras in multiple locations can be centrally managed,

IC Realtime designed the Dinger - and all our Dash series wifi home security cameras - to make it easy to keep tabs on your "personal reality" - the places you care about and the people and things you love.  Now you can watch over and protect that reality no matter where you are. The Dash Dinger serves up next-generation features like built-in 2-way audio with speakerphone quality and powerful 2.4ghz wifi that lets you interact remotely with anyone you see.

All this right from the palm of your hand using the free ICView or Dash phone app. Now you can check in on pets & loved ones whenever, wherever.
If you have been waiting for a professionally engineered - but easy to use - wifi doorbell camera that plays well with other IC Realtime camera & recording systems and can keep up with your personal reality, your wait is over:

Visit https://store.icrealtime.com/series/dash to see the complete line of Dash products. The perfect family of home wifi cameras to keep an eye on your reality in today's new normal.

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