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Panoramic cameras offer a 180° view of their environment in a way no other camera can. Housing 3 individual 2MP/1080p Starlight cameras in a single IP67 weather-resistant cast aluminum case, the “Pano” style camera is a one-site installation and avoids the “high crime area” look of a 3 camera stack in one location but still enables 3 discrete observation angles for inclusive video coverage of a broad vista to cover parking lots, warehouses and stadium-sized areas with a side-to-side, uninterrupted 1080p video view without any moving parts.

For the PanoA007 to maintain IC Realtime’s legendary video quality, the 3 individual cameras inside would have to be top-notch - and they are. Built with our latest I-Sniper Gen2 Starlight video chipset, each camera delivers incredible color rendition down to 0.005Lux, with perfect exposures thanks to a 120db Wide Dynamic Range. And when the available light drops to 0.00 lux, the SmartIRs kick in for 65+ feet of illumination in complete darkness.

Long available on the IP camera side, IC Realtime’s AVS-PANO-A007 brings that same panoramic view capability to the HD-AVS BNC/coax camera world. With a single professional quality IK10 vandal-resistant case, PANO-A007 can achieve full exterior structure or complete interior coverage from only 2 corner vantage points. In facilities where camera placement & wiring access is limited, the PanoA007 is the best solution for 180° video coverage for HD-AVS systems.

HD-AVS technology also brings unique “No Latency” and direct-connect security advantages over IP cameras. Since it connects directly to a local HD-AVS recorder, it won’t be affected by network loads or directly exposed to online security risks.

The PanoA007 has a total of four BNC video outputs. 3 of the BNC outputs stream each internal camera’s output to display their channels at their native 1080p HD video level. The 4th output streams the complete 180° vista of all 3 cameras.

This ultra-wide vista is the unique feature that makes the PanoA007 such an outstanding addition to any HD-AVS system. No other camera design can provide this kind of automatically combined, 3 camera 180° view. The advanced technology in the PanoA007 automatically combines them in an “invisibly stitched” 180° panoramic output that reaches 4K UHD specs at 3840 wide x 832 high pixels.

In a coax installation where only constant 180° panoramic coverage is needed, the PanoA007 can also be the ideal legacy PTZ alternative/upgrade. PanoA007 uses the same 24VAC ±25% @ 24W power, has the same wide operating range of  -22°F ~ +140°F, and shares the PTZ’s same variety of mounting options, including a custom-fit junction base box and pole & corner mount brackets. The camera also features an audio input port for external audio sources such as gate or access control audio microphone pickups.

AVS-PANO-A007 is available on your authorized Dealer Portal, through your ICR Companion app, or call your IC Realtime representative for a demo & the best B2B camera deals in America.

To see IC Realtime’s complete B2B product line - including the PANO-A007 and our new integration-ready Dash Dinger video doorbell, Flooder yard light & new Orbit home “personal reality” cameras - check in at https://www.icrealtime.com/

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